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Tzniut: My Story (Part 6)

I keep guidelines of tzniut, because I feel most comfortable in doing so, and I must say it has been a progression over the last few years. 229 more words


More "Beauty" Reflections

(This is just a train of thought, a stream of consciousness….follow along as I wend and weft my way)

When I get dressed up, made up, put on the fancy hair and the 4 inch heels – who do I do it for? 858 more words



Today I tweeted that I was off  to get myself frummified as I had a high school interview to attend with my son. I was asked, if I have to dress a certain way, why would I want my son to attend such a school. 225 more words


WWYD – Gym Peeping Tom

From a reader:

Hadassah!  At the kosher gym this morning I saw a VERY chassidic man (long payos, chassidish hat and coat) open the door a crack to peek at the women doing a women’s only Pilates classes. 

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Things That Make You Go "oy"!

Project Frumway

You guys know that I am all about modest fashions, and explaining that frum does not have to mean frumpy.

NCSY is having a great competition called Project Frumway. 257 more words


Modesty - for the entire family?

From the mailbox:

Dear HSM

I was at a Canadian indoor water park and saw a number of frum families where dads and sons were shirtless and in shorts frolicking while mom and daughters were in long sleeves, ankle length skirts, etc roasting and just wading their feet with shoes on.  

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Things That Make You Go "oy"!

Modest Dressing – 5

Today I am modeling my look for a casual Shabbat outfit. Sometimes I do get dressed up to the nines to go to shul, but sometimes I opt for a softer look. 499 more words