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Judean Hills Wine Festival - Part I

I had been looking forward to this event for most of the past year, especially because I heard about a road race held in conjunction with the wine festival. 702 more words


Tzora Winery - the founding terroir estate of the Judean Hills

Say the word terroir and most folk’s thoughts would consciously, or maybe sub-consciously jump to France, heck the word is French after all. Still, ask what does it mean, and now we are off the races. 2,366 more words


A bunch of wines shared with family, Provocative Plum Chutney, and Roast Shoulder with Festive Vegetables

The start of Succot was surrounded with family in Chicago and I had the chance to cook twice; to boot! I made a rolled shoulder roast with festive vegetables, much like we did at home on… 1,270 more words


Baked Gefilte Fish Loaf, Sweet and Sour Brisket, Roasted Root Vegetables, Tzora Cabernet Sauvignon Givat haChalukim, Yarden Merlot, Four Gates Merlot, Yarden Ortal Vineyard Merlot, Galil Mountain Winery Merlot

This past weekend saw us hosting one of our epic Friday night dinners. We had friends and family over and I was really looking forward to tasting the Ortal Merlot, the best Merlot made in Israel by far. 803 more words


Tzora Judean Hills and Bone Licking Good Short Ribs

This past weekend saw us enjoying some really nice food and wine.  We were in the mood for a nice cut of meat and so, we dipped into the freezer and pulled out some of my wife’s favorite cuts of meat – short ribs (or ribs in general).  417 more words


Spaghetti Bolognaise and Tzora Judean Hills

This past weekend found me returning from the frozen tundra of Chicago, in search of warmth and unfrozen sidewalks and roads.  So with an evening to cook, I opted for making some soup.  219 more words


Tzora, Goose Bay, and Rothberg Cellars - Oh my Oh my!

This past week some friends from out of town came by, as did some from around town.  It was a really nice time.  Dinner started with a dense black bean soup – from the classic… 1,673 more words