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Existence of U.F.O.'s

Have you ever wondered about U.F.O.’s? There are too many people seeing strange things in the night skies around the world. Those unidentified flying objects that zip around in the sky over air bases, mountains, or completely mess up your scenic pictures. 680 more words


Have you seen this U.F.O. footage?

Back in 2011, the world was shocked when these videos surfaced. They document one of the most widely seen U.F.O. sightings the world has seen to this day. 146 more words

The Rise Of U.F.Os In America

U.F.Os, a subject that produces a variety of images: aliens, abductions, missing time, or even symbols inside crop circles.  We all have heard of reports of sightings in the skies, either by amateurs on the prowl, innocent bystanders with their cell phones, or professional pilots who have a reputation to uphold.  1,020 more words



Original Uploader – LiberdadeHumana WARNING: The New Nephilim Human Hybrids Theory Shown In This Video Can Be Wrong… Even Though The Satanic Plan Is To Create These Human Hybrids Like It Happened In The Past… It Is More Likely That The Supposed

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Alien Videos


With the release of “U.F.O” Rukus steps back into the limelight after a nearly year-long hiatus from the industry.

Backed by production from Grammy-award winning producer Rascal (Chance The Rapper’s, “Coloring Book”), Rukus returns with a rapid-fire, gritty grime-meets-hiphop offering, detailing the tribulations of being different, being bullied, and trying to find somewhere you can just be yourself. 64 more words


6 UFOs sneak past International Space Station before NASA cuts live feed

Alien conspiracy theorists have gone into overdrive this weekend after a video emerged online allegedly showing a cluster of UFOs flying past the International Space Station. 220 more words

U.F.O'S - Fastwalkers