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University of Alberta set to increase parking, student residence rates

The cost to park at the University of Alberta could be about to go up, with campus visitors paying the bulk of any increase.

If approved at the December board of governors meeting, fees would rise by 9.2 per cent for visitors while faculty, staff and students would see a monthly increase at the rate of the Consumer Price Index — roughly 1.4 per cent. 278 more words

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Off the table: Proposed changes to U of A's student dining plan voted down

A plan by the University of Alberta to shift its food program to an anytime dining model at Lister Residence was voted down at this week’s finance and property committee. 477 more words

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Alberta Dating Woes

Alberta is known to be a trades province, and holding an abundance of men, many who make good money, but see nothing much beyond that other than finding a woman and settling down. 343 more words


Grizzly cubs learn bad behaviour from momma bears: Alberta research

When it comes to bad behaviour in grizzly bears, new research blames the moms.

A University of Alberta study suggests that cubs who have watched their mothers come into conflict with people are more likely to do so as well. 428 more words


HackEd Fall 24-Hour Hackathon (Nov. 12-13)

Not sure if it’s just a case of people realizing that nerds in this city don’t get a lot of sleep but it seems like there’s a lot of 24 hour events lately. 298 more words


School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Science Is Magic!

It’s a good thing I check the events regularly… I almost missed this one! Definitely falls into our interests. Check it out tomorrow if you can but register on Eventbrite first or you won’t get in! 116 more words


Feathered dinosaurs may have 'flocked' together like modern birds: University of Alberta study

An ancient bone bed in a remote Mongolian desert presents tantalizing clues that dinosaurs of a feather may have flocked together for the same reasons modern birds do. 524 more words