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Canada heartened by new congressional research report on NAFTA: source

OTTAWA – The Trudeau government is taking a measure of comfort in a new report by the U.S. Congress that casts doubt on one of… 856 more words


Why the U.S. UNESCO Exit is More Israel First Than America First

When I first heard about this, I have to admit I was rather pleased. The U.N. is a corrupt organisation, and its arms such as UNESCO are corrupt as well. 827 more words

President Trump

All Before Noon!!!

Little Donnie Dark apparently got up on the very wrong side of the bed this morning, for already as of this writing (it is now noon where I live) he has made three horrendous decisions.  767 more words

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As Clean Power Plan is gutted, Congress must step in to price carbons -- Guest Opinion

In its zeal to undo the legacy of our 44th president, the Trump administration is now undoing the future of our children and grandchildren by repealing the Clean Power Plan, a policy designed to reduce the heat-trapping emissions that make our climate more and more inhospitable. 16 more words

Guest Opinion

Divided We Fall ...

“United we stand, divided we fall” – John Dickinson, July 1768

“Divide and conquer” – attributed to Philip of Macedonia

“A house divided against itself cannot stand” 947 more words

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Senators pitch bill for wildfire recovery

A bipartisan group of Western senators has introduced a bill that would allow states affected by wildfire to tap into federal hazard recovery dollars, providing immediate assistance to help reduce the risk of flooding, erosion and future blazes. 45 more words

East Oregonian

Funding concern drives Walden

Campaign against fire borrowing dates back at least a decade.

Congressman Greg Walden, R-Hood River, is not known for raising his voice on the House floor, but he says he came close when discussing the perils of “fire borrowing” more than a decade ago. 15 more words

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