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Fireside Chat with Paul Gallagher, December 1, 2016

Join us at 9pm EST for an important discussion of LaRouche’s “Four Laws” to save the US economy. Paul Gallagher of Executive Intelligence joins us to discuss the need for a Third National Bank in the United States. 24 more words

Glass Steagall

Trump's Continuing Attack On the First Amendment

With his tweet stating that those burning the American flag should have their citizenship revoked and/or face a year’s imprisonment, Trump again went to war against the First Amendment. 393 more words


What the Supreme Court has said about flag burning

By Tal Kopan


WASHINGTON (CNN) — President-elect Donald Trump might not be a fan of burning the American flag, but neither he nor Congress can criminalize it, the Supreme Court has ruled twice. 737 more words


Ecuador #C57 (1938)

The Republic of Ecuador (República del Ecuador, which literally translates as “Republic of the Equator”), is a representative democratic republic in northwestern South America, bordered by Colombia on the north, Peru on the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. 2,705 more words

Stamp Issuers

Dropping the Pilots

My title today is a reference to a famous political cartoon of the 1890s, showing the new German Emperor, Wilhelm II, getting rid of the famed chancellor… 432 more words

Pacific Green Party


Like many other Americans, I have been in shock and very, very depressed since the election of Donald Trump as President. I have been thinking about… 528 more words

American History

06 Podcast: National Popular Vote

The latest buzz in political activism is an old interstate compact called “National Popular Vote” that is gaining ground since the November 8th result became apparent. 21 more words

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