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Vattel, Natural Born Citizen and the 2016 Election

This is in response to a YouTube video comment by Zeng Vaj in the Hmong Conservative Christian FB Page,  (OP is also on my own homepage) to my original comment on that OP.  3,934 more words

2016 Presidential Election

Exposing the shadow government of America and how it works (Part 1 of 3:  The real American genesis)

“The Continental Congress became the government of the United States out of necessity, not design.”[1]

 The Continental Congress is still the government of the united States!  954 more words

U.S. Constitution: An Article 1 Section 8 Tutorial for Chris Christie

During last night’s New Hampshire debate, Chris Christie continued his condescending bashing of the U.S. Congress and his fraudulent claim that Marco Rubio is not ready to be President.   795 more words

... The Banks may Not Like It [#Puerto Rico][#debt][#bankruptcy][#default]...

.. the banks are really going to hate this . But , it will teach them an important lesson about loans and U.S. governments , in particular the states . 98 more words

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Phoenix city council ends pre-meeting prayer to stop 'Satanic Temple' from leading ceremony

PHOENIX — The Phoenix City Council voted Wednesday to replace a longstanding tradition of prayer before meetings with a moment of silence prayer, preventing an address by a group with “Satan” in its name and averting a lawsuit over constitutional rights. 391 more words


In wake of same-sex marriage ruling, "pastor protection" bill advances in Florida House

Church and state clashed Thursday in a House committee room where a Republican-led panel approved a measure aimed at shielding clergy from possible lawsuits for refusing to officiate at same-sex marriages. 352 more words