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When Justice is Unjust ...

What do you call a judge who refuses to follow the law?  Suspended without pay.  Such is the case of Alabama Chief Supreme Court Justice, Roy Moore.  1,057 more words

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Some Pondering

I have been doing some pondering.  That is I have been doing some thinking around some topics.  Thinking does not mean an endorsement in favor of or against a topic.   433 more words


Orwellian U.S. Commission on Civil Rights: “Religious Freedom” is Code for Discrimination (Translation: Sexual Liberty Trumps Religious Liberty)

 Something very important—that should be sending ominous shockwaves through America’s communities of faith—occurred earlier this month which, not surprisingly, was largely ignored by the secular progressive media. 680 more words

Religious Freedom

Obama's Last Speech To The United Nations Confirms What Many Of Us Already Know: Obama Is Not For We The People But For The New World Order

Just think for a moment why would a president of the United States be for the New World Order who is suppose to be representing We The People except to advance his own ambitions. 420 more words

Retorts: Tests, sure, but not for religion

Does your religious faith qualify – or disqualify – you from holding public office? Is what someone believes about god, afterlives, good and evil a key factor in whether you should vote for or against that person? 518 more words

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How often did your parents freeze you with, “Don’t take that tone with me!”?

In that same vein, mocking the two current major party presidential candidates is so easy Hasbro should attach a “For ages 10 & under” sticker to the practice. 492 more words


What Is Globalism? | Shorty Dawkins - Oath Keepers

Globalism, at its most basic, is a belief in the supremacy of the “collective” over the individual. It matters not if a politician, academic, or businessman calls themselves conservative, liberal, progressive or moderate, for all factions of the political pendulum can be (and are) globalists. 318 more words

New World Order