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U.S. Constitution – 2018 – Post #16

U.S. Constitution – 2018 – Post #16

What is Amendment XVI of the U.S. Constitution?

My two cents, but please share yours:


Passed by Congress July 2, 1909. 62 more words

A. C. Cockerill

Star Buck$, an Expression, a Piñata and Police

Today it’s Starbucks’ turn for caustic opprobrium. It’s their turn to be piñata of the day, because there were more decent customers than others, in the coffeehouse, and a woman was adroit enough to use the most feared weapon in America -a cellphone. 366 more words

Agency Development

U.S. First Amendment depends on the Second

The tragic deaths of 17 students in Parkland, Florida, is a grim reality we must all face. In addition to the tribulation, once again we hear the political rhetoric that guns are bad, therefore guns should be banned. 60 more words

Guest Opinion

Donald Trump and James Comey: Does uncouth equate to bad morals and impeachment?

In my best Heath Ledger/Joker voice, “Batman has no jurisdiction.” I think of this line today after reading a report in Reuters about former Federal Bureau of Investigations director James Comey’s assessment of the morality of current president Donald Trump. 556 more words

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U.S. Constitution – 2018 – Post #15

U.S. Constitution – 2018 – Post #15

What is Amendment XV of the U.S. Constitution?

My two cents, but please share yours:


Passed by Congress February 26, 1869. 70 more words

A. C. Cockerill

Congress v. We the People

Taking the political temperature—that is, figuring out the opinions—of 325 million Americans can be complicated. We’ve disagreed with each other on many major issues, such as slavery and the power of the federal government, from the very beginnings of our country. 691 more words

U.S. Constitution

American Progressivism

By Cole Levine ~

The times have certainly changed for America since she won her independence from a despotic British Empire. The Founding Fathers earned the responsibility to craft a brilliant federalist system of government, implementing mechanisms to separate powers and limit its scope. 931 more words