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Apple suddenly bans iOS app that maps U.S. drone strikes

”Freelance journalist and data artist Josh Begley has been methodically recording U.S. military drone activity for years,” Jack Smith IV reports for Tech.Mic. “Every week or so — whenever the strikes occur — Begley will post a news story from the @dronestream Twitter account, identifying when and where drone strikes have occurred before feeding the results into an app called Metadata+.” 403 more words


US Wants To Increase Global Lethal And Surveillance Drone Flights To 30,000 By 2019

Intelligence surveillance and collection will be broadened in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, North Africa, and the South China Sea, among other locations.

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Military Madness

Iran Says US Drone Kills 2 Advisers In Iraq, US Denies

BAGHDAD (AP) — Iran’s Revolutionary Guard says a U.S. drone strike has killed two of its advisers in Iraq, though the U.S. said Monday it has only struck militants in its campaign against the Islamic State group. 432 more words

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The U.S. Media and the 13-Year-Old Yemeni Boy Burned to Death Last Month by a U.S. Drone

In fact, as the Guardian reported today, “Mr. Jahmi’s age” was 13 on the day the American drone ended his life. Just months earlier, the Yemeni teenager told that paper that “he lived in constant fear of the ‘death machines’ in the sky that had already killed his father and brother.”

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Could al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula thrive as Yemen falters?

WATCH: Mike Armstrong reports a coup in Yemen could open a new and dangerous chapter in the story of al-Qaeda.

Yemen’s president appeared to lose his grasp on power when Houthi rebels took control of the presidential palace on Tuesday, plunging the country into further instability and possibly changing how the U.S. 810 more words


Regarding ‘Torture’ – Some Perspective

CIA interrogators waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, one of the masterminds of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and at least two other Al Qaeda operatives. Senator Dianne Feinstein, President Barack Obama and the rest of the left-wing echo chamber are indignant about it. 281 more words


Pakistan Political Wrangling Put on Hold After School Attack


Pakistani soldiers transport rescued school children from the site of an attack by Taliban gunmen on a school in Peshawar on Tuesday. Agence France-Presse/Getty Images… 755 more words