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U.S., Jordanian Forces Build Up On Syria, Jordan Border; Possible Invasion On The Horizon

Weeks after a cross-border invasion of Syria by U.S. forces under the guise of rescuing moderate terrorists from the grips of extremist terrorists in southern Syria, there are signs that a much bigger invasion is set to take place in the near future.  710 more words

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The US on Friday disclosing a secret military operation that killed an Islamic State operative linked to the deadly New Year’s Eve attack in a Turkish nightclub. 96 more words

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Top US general says Afghanistan war at 'stalemate,' more troops needed

Army Gen. John W. Nicholson Jr. testified Feb. 9, 2017

By Lucas Tomlinson, Jennifer Griffin

Published February 09, 2017


Top general offers grim assessment of Afghanistan operation… 1,054 more words

Islamic State sets fire to sulfur plant, U.S. troops wearing protective masks as a precautionary measure

A U.S soldier wearing a gas mask and anti-chemical gear. File photo


OCT. 22, 2016, 5:18 A.M. E.D.T.

BAGHDAD — U.S. forces at Iraq’s Qayyarah West airfield near Mosul are wearing protective masks after winds brought fumes from a nearby burning sulfur plant set ablaze by Islamic State, U.S. 77 more words

US forces use white phosphorus munitions in Iraq: Report

Pictures and videos posted online by the Pentagon show US forces in Iraq have used white phosphorus munitions, a chemical weapon that can cause severe burns to civilians. 409 more words

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Former senator pledges to support vets in Fukushima lawsuit

A sailor checks sprinklers on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan during Operation Tomodachi in 2011. Sailors scrubbed the external surfaces on the flight deck and island superstructure to remove potential radiation contamination. 365 more words


NATO Signals Willingness To Keep Troops in Afghanistan In the Face of a Resurgent Taliban -- Obama Administration Plan To Remove Half of Remaining U.S. Troops May No Longer Be Possible

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NATO allies will likely agree next month to extend the Afghanistan training mission and keep troops in all four sections of the country next year, a senior NATO diplomat said Wednesday, leaving the door open for the U.S. 530 more words