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Source Reveals How Pentagon Ruined Whistleblower's Life and Set Stage for Snowden's Leaks

Amy Goodman speaks with John Crane, a former senior Pentagon official about how his superiors broke the law to punish a key National Security Agency whistleblower for leaking information about waste, mismanagement and surveillance. 338 more words


The Foggy Numbers of Obama's Wars and Non-Wars

Karen DeYoung reports for The Washington Post:

As the Obama administration prepares to publish a long-delayed accounting of how many militants and noncombatant civilians it has killed since 2009, its statistics may be defined as much by what is left out as by what is included. 236 more words


Mercenaries Are the Silent Majority of Obama’s Military

Micah Zenko writes for Foreign Policy:

Last weekend, the New York Times published one of what will be many takes on President Barack Obama’s legacy as commander in chief. 168 more words


The Myth of American Disengagement

Derek Chollet writes for Defense One:

One of the most common critiques of American foreign policy today is that under President Barack Obama, the U.S.has sought to disengage from the world’s problems. 121 more words


Will Killing Mullah Mansur Work? What Academic Research Says

Micah Zenko writes for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR):

[…] What is most consequential about Saturday’s drone strike was its target: the leader of the Taliban, who had succeeded Mullah Omar after his death… 232 more words


The Vietnam War Is Still Killing People

George Black writes for The New Yorker:

On Saturday, President Obama will set out on a trip to Vietnam, for a visit that’s being billed as looking forward to the future rather than back at the bitter history of the past. 429 more words


Obama Meets Top Vietnamese Officials to Strengthen Ties

Topics in talks will include China’s assertiveness in the South China Sea

U.S. President Barack Obama shakes hands with Vietnam’s President Tran Dai Quang after an arrival ceremony at the presidential palace in Hanoi, Vietnam May 23, 2016. 801 more words