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Dear Steve Scalise, Karma's a Bitch

This article is meant to parody the typical Conservative response to mass shootings. Links to real news sources are posted below.

Early this morning, at a GOP charity baseball practice session, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot by a lone gunman in Alexandria, Virginia. 639 more words

U.S. Policy

U.S. delivers patrol boats to Vietnam -- Cooperation in maritime law enforcement and humanitarian assistance between U.S. and Vietnam


By My Pham | HANOI

The United States has transferred six patrol boats to the Vietnam coast guard, to help build security cooperation between the two countries, U.S. 531 more words

How (and Why) to Contact Your Elected Officials

Elected officials genuinely want to hear from their constituents to learn how their constituents feel about specific legislation, confirmations, and general political issues. USA.gov provides contact information for nearly all national, state, and local elected officials. 194 more words


Stop Asking Trump for Policies He’s Incapable of Formulating

Originally publishes April 16, 2017 on The Huffington Post

Whether it’s Syria, healthcare, taxes, immigration, etc., every time I hear someone ask for a coherent statement of policy from the Trump Administration, I want to scream, “Don’t you realize that mentally disturbed persons are incapable of ‘well-thought-out, clearly formulated policies?’ ” Instead, they are the prisoners of their impulses and the delusional voices in their heads. 55 more words


Old Glory: Up in Smoke

It’s a warm night in July. The seventy degree weather, complimented with a slight breeze that brushes the cheeks of your face, and ever-so-gently wisps around your hair, is made complete by the bright evening sky, lit up like a campfire with just the right amount of firewood. 1,057 more words



Life is composed of a series of moments. If you’re like me, many of those are happy. Of course, what makes me happy may not do it for you. 642 more words

Political News

What the Anti-Trans Bathroom Debate is Really About

After the White House rolled back protections for trans public school students (click here for link to news story) the “should trans people be able to safely use public bathrooms” debate has raised its ugly head yet again. 2,542 more words