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The Middle East Needs its Own Vienna 1814

The Middle East is currently in the beginning of a grand regional realignment, one that is sending shock waves that have permeated the post-Cold War alliance system. 3,023 more words

Middle East

The U.S. Agenda

Cortney D. Bonner

Before I delve into this extensive explanation, I must admit,  I was highly critical of President Obama’s “tango” performance in Buenos Aires, Argentina.   1,264 more words


Women and the U.S. - a glance

There is no doubt that the status of women within U.S. culture and society has improved over the last 100 years or so. With the ability to vote becoming available to women in 1920, opportunities for women became an actual potentiality versus figurative ideals extolled by activists or suffragettes. 1,131 more words

Ruby Rover

3 Cheers for Guns, Guns, and More Carnage!

The United States has a serious problem. In the wake of yet another school shooting, one might think the problem is gun violence, and it is – to a degree. 1,095 more words


Fearing change in U.S. policy, more Cubans risking their life to reach American shores - latino.foxnews.com

The number of Cuban migrants risking sea crossings to U.S. soil has surpassed last year’s tally, even as Havana and Washington have restored diplomatic relations. 107 more words



In general I try to avoid focusing on U.S. policy in this blog. I’ve written about U.S. foreign policy before, and I’ve written about issues in which the U.S. 135 more words

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