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3 Cheers for Guns, Guns, and More Carnage!

The United States has a serious problem. In the wake of yet another school shooting, one might think the problem is gun violence, and it is – to a degree. 1,095 more words


Fearing change in U.S. policy, more Cubans risking their life to reach American shores - latino.foxnews.com

The number of Cuban migrants risking sea crossings to U.S. soil has surpassed last year’s tally, even as Havana and Washington have restored diplomatic relations. 107 more words



In general I try to avoid focusing on U.S. policy in this blog. I’ve written about U.S. foreign policy before, and I’ve written about issues in which the U.S. 135 more words

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Indigenous Peoples: Who Cares? #OakFlat

The above question in the title, posed as it is, may appear callous but at times the plight of indigenous peoples around the globe seems so perilous that there seems little hope of reversing the systematic destruction of their populations and habitats. 996 more words


Vali Nasr’s The Shia Revival: The Must Read Book for Anyone Who Wants to Understand the Development of a Post-Arab Spring Order

Vali Nasr is a respected author on Middle Eastern affairs and has written numerous books on topics such as the history of Shia Islam, American foreign policy, and Islamic political institutions. 1,500 more words

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