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I thought I saw all the Planned Parenthood sting footage. Turns out the tapes were edited.


An anti-abortion group has, over the past month, released five videos that it argues show Planned Parenthood profits from procuring fetal tissue for medical researchers. 389 more words

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Yet Another Deluge of Racial Slurs and Hate Speech at Breitbart “News,” Directed at Jorge Ramos


The right wing base in all its glory

The right wing propagandists at Breitbart “News” are all puffed up like bullfrogs today because they think the Virginia shooter’s racially charged manifesto vindicates their own racially charged incitement as soon as the story broke, before they even knew about the manifesto. 611 more words

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Lawmakers Sue To Take Away People’s Health Care, Send $450,000 Legal Bill To Taxpayers

This is a prime example of what’s wrong with politics today…


Low income people in Alaska are on the verge of getting health care. 604 more words

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Abbreviated pundit roundup: Trump continues to dominate the GOP primary


There’s just no oxygen for other GOP candidates. Eugene Robinson analyzes the situation:

The Republican establishment seems to be slowly going through Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s five stages of grief, with many politicians and pundits unable to get past the first: denial.When it became clear that Trump could not be ignored, party leaders and conservative columnists looked hard for evidence that the combed-over mogul’s political ascendancy was bound to fizzle.

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Larry King in Israel: I don’t think Trump can win presidential race


Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has little chance of winning the US presidency and if elections were held today, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton would win, veteran American TV journalist Larry King said on Wednesday night. 599 more words

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