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Donald Trump: Blacks ‘Worse Than Just About Ever’ Because Of Obama (VIDEO)


Donald Trump is always opening his mouth and saying awful things, and his Sunday interview on ABC with Jonathan Karl was no different. This time, instead of being racist toward Mexican immigrants, Trump… 440 more words

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Former Senator: Billionaire CEO Is An 'Exploited Worker'

Secular Talk

According to Politico, on July 28th, Representative Brad Miller (D-N.C.) and former Senator Phil Gramm (R-Texas) spoke to the House Financial Services hearing on the five-year anniversary of the Dodd-Frank Act. 262 more words


This Week In Right-Wing Stupidity: The 5 Most Asinine Quotes Of The Week


Well, it’s that time again! The time of the week when Addicting Info recaps the right-wing’s stupidest quotes of the week. There was no shortage of dumbf*ckery, so grab a stiff drink (you’ll need to numb your brain) and enjoy! 752 more words

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The New Holy Grail Of GOP Primaries

This country doesn’t have an ISIS problem. It has a massive political graft and corruption problem ~ sandyh


Have We Learned Nothing? 290 more words

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The Only Black Candidate in the 2016 Presidential Race Finds #BlackLivesMatter "Silly"


The 2016 presidential race’s only declared black candidate thinks that #BlackLivesMatter is “silly” and emblematic of why the United States “can’t make any progress as a society.” 342 more words

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