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Clinton v. Trump - The First Debate

I like to watch college basketball, especially during the NCAA tournament known as March Madness. I don’t like games in which the highly favored team pummels the underdog, but I really enjoy close games and games in which the underdog shocks the heavy favorite. 1,557 more words

Trump Won Putin’s Focus Group

A record number of Americans tuned to watch the debate on Monday night, but someone else was watching, too: the Kremlin media machine. It was the middle of the night in Russia, but the tweets kept coming, making it clear, as always, whose side the Kremlin is on in this election. 878 more words


Clinton Vs. Trump: Round 1

In a debate where both parties did what they needed to do, there are no winners. That’s exactly what happened last night Hillary needed to appear like she had a plan.  250 more words

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Ying Ma Discusses Trump-Clinton Debate

ABC (Australia), September 27, 2016

Ying Ma appeared on Lateline, Australia’s leading daily current affairs program, to discuss last night’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. 15 more words

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A Disappointing, Depressing Debate

What a depressing debate! Donald Trump remained true to form, scowling, interrupting Hillary Clinton, talking over poor Lester Holt, and successfully avoiding going beyond his stump speech generalities. 985 more words

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Morning After Open Thread

Good Morning!!

I’m going to put up a quick open thread, because the one from last night is getting very long. I’m also very tired, because I didn’t get to sleep until around 3AM. 417 more words

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The World Was Watching Monday's Debate, but the Candidates Had Little to Say About the Rest of the World

The rest of the world may be fascinated by the U.S. presidential campaign and by Monday’s debate, but there was precious little about the rest of the world in the debate itself. 470 more words

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