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Ben Carson Says the German People Could Have Prevented the Holocaust if Only They Had Guns


Ben Carson, who is in second place in the polls for the Republican presidential nomination, is continuing to stir controversy over his response to the recent shooting at… 317 more words

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House Tea Partiers to the World: Burn, Baby, Burn...


Chaos, chaos, and chaos. Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s withdrawal from the speaker’s racehas caused disarray—that is, greater disarray—within the House GOP conference. Hours after McCarthy’s announcement, there was no word of what comes next. 180 more words

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Jewish Media Throwing Hillary Under the Bus

You’d best start believing in buses, Madam Clinton – you’re under one.

The Jewish media appears to be in the process of throwing Hillary Clinton under the bus. 421 more words

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Kevin McCarthy and the Speakership.

I thought the Republican Speakership race would be a coronation—a swift, uneventful vote…and voíla: Boehner 2.0. I clearly thought wrong. Kevin McCarthy’s decision to drop out of the race was startling but not necessarily surprising, as I will touch on later. 485 more words

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Kevin McCarthy (Freemason) Drops Out of House Speaker Race, Adding to G.O.P. Chaos

WASHINGTON — Representative Kevin McCarthy of California abruptly withdrew on Thursday from the race to succeed Speaker John A. Boehner, blindsiding his House Republican colleagues and throwing their already tumultuous chamber into deeper chaos with no clear leader in sight just weeks before a series of high-stakes fiscal battles. 1,318 more words

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Top US Jewish official (Joel Rubin) running for Congress

WASHINGTON — Joel Rubin, the former U.S. State Department’s chief liaison to the US House of Representatives who worked for the successful passage of the Iran nuclear weapons deal in Congress, is running for Congress. 257 more words

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Senate passes defense bill that supports US-Israel partnerships

WASHINGTON – The Senate passed a key defense spending bill with a veto-proof majority Wednesday afternoon posing a challenge to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who has said that he will garner enough votes to sustain an anticipated veto from President Barack Obama. 676 more words

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