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So it was ‘on all sides’, he said, but no-one believed him. I mean you can’t smell roses when you’re standing in shit, can you? Then, amid much clamour even he said what everyone expected but then, straightaway, the jackboot shuffle and it was his way or the highway, willy-nilly.

Political Commentary

....of squirrels, u-turns, & 'surgical robots'...

Alberta, Canadawhere rocky mountain spirits soar!

….”Squirrel starts fire spoiling 82,000 litres of milk”…”Is it legal to make a u-turn at an intersection in Ontario?”…”The fight over robots in the operating room”… 80 more words

Charge of the brexit brigade.

With acknowledgements to Alfred, Lord Tennyson (who wrote the initial poem about the disastrous charge of the light brigade in the battle of Balaclava) and Julian Armistead (who came up with this analogy). 112 more words


Former Tory minister accuses Theresa May of betraying 14million UK households by u-turning on energy bill cap

Labour have attacked Theresa May’s apparent u-turn on her manifesto promises to cap energy prices, and now a former Conservative minister has joined them in what he calls a “betrayal” of the households she pledged to protect. 132 more words

Stuff The Tories Do

Fox hunting quietly scrapped from Tory plans

In a major victory for the foxes, the Tories have quietly dropped their plans to open the blood sport back up for debate in parliament after it proved massively unpopular during the general election. 80 more words

Stuff The Tories Do

Bees, Butterflies, Glass Ceilings and U-Turns

I have a thing about bumble bees and butterflies. The metamorphosis of the creepy, crawly caterpillar into the fluttering beauty that is the butterfly symbolises a coming of age that you can relate to if you’ve felt like the underdog whose time has come. 811 more words