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Turtles Are Off Limits

There are those days. Those days when you look back at the end of them and can see all those tiny little insignificant decision points that if you had just gone the other way on any one of them, the day would have turned out so differently. 1,726 more words


Clueless Expedition!

Life has always been a clueless expedition for me. It never goes as expected but is full of surprises. At every twist and turn, I act so stupid in such a way that would let no sleep and peace come my way. 231 more words

Artist's Diary

One year of Disastrous Governance?

Very soon Modi government will complete 1 year, First anniversary of Modi as PM and Modi in Government!

1 Year will be completed, enjoying “Achche Din” but who common man or crony capitalist? 838 more words


Cricket biryani

26/11 was India’s 9/11. If the kamikaze operation on the World Trade Center that reduced the gigantic structure to ashes is an abiding memory, so is the holding hostage of people in the Taj, the Trident and the Oberoi.  497 more words



I always used to say “I hate regurgitating myself.”

And this is a true statement…I really haven’t liked redoing my work or, well, anything. I’ve figured once I’d done something, it’s done…time to move on. 508 more words


The story, do you know how it end?

Good Friday morning! I’ve been working long hours in my accounting office. Of course that’s expected during tax season. But the funny thing about this job is I know the main tax season will end on April 15th. 421 more words

Reactivity: Eyes!

As with most reactive dogs, we have a lot of trouble getting his attention when we’re too close to a trigger. Out of sheer desperation, before having even read about reactivity, we worked on a focus technique using “look at me” as a cue so we could run away as fast as we could. 948 more words

Reactive Dog