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The story, do you know how it end?

Good Friday morning! I’ve been working long hours in my accounting office. Of course that’s expected during tax season. But the funny thing about this job is I know the main tax season will end on April 15th. 421 more words

Reactivity: Eyes!

As with most reactive dogs, we have a lot of trouble getting his attention when we’re too close to a trigger. Out of sheer desperation, before having even read about reactivity, we worked on a focus technique using “look at me” as a cue so we could run away as fast as we could. 948 more words

Reactive Dog

Sometimes Sitting On The Fence Is More Dangerous Than A Leap

by Martin Odoni

An occasional joke about voting for the old Liberal/SDP Alliance back in the 1980’s was that it was a vote for firm, concrete  1,384 more words


Repentance, a real turn by God's grace

Maxie Dunnam tells of the time the American Red Cross, receiving relief donations for Biafra, got a box full of KKK sheets.  Inside was a note that read, “We have recently been converted and because of our conversion we want to try to help. 119 more words


September-A Birthday Month

This month holds my birthday a new grand-daughter’s, a sister-in-law, a daughter-in-law’s mother, my step-mother and my ancient black dog.  I am expected to provide poems and art. 360 more words


Changing direction

Most of us have seen this and many have had close shaves with it…..
Taxi drivers changing direction/lane at a moments notice.

We don’t do it because we just fancy a different route to the one we are taking, normally it’s because we have been given a job that’s is a different direction to the one we are currently taking. 136 more words

The Daily Grind

Back to School / Zurück zur Schule

Back to German classes means I can re-welcome Mr Routine into my life.  By routine, I just mean having something to do with your day that gives you purpose and a sense of fulfillment in a way that fighting for shared-washroom domination or banishing bird poo from a balcony perhaps cannot (I casually refer you to my… 716 more words