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Google may jump into the online TV game with a YouTube-based service

Another day, another streaming media service.

Google is reportedly readying its entry into the online TV industry with a YouTube service by the name of “Unplugged,” which would feature a skinny bundle of TV channels. 108 more words


Beth Hart's stunning Mother's Day music video will make you call your mom


Fair warning: this is going to make you cry.

In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, singer Beth Hart recorded a stunning new music video for her song “Mama, This One’s for You.” This video features touching fan-submitted footage as well as video of Hart hanging out with her own mother. 84 more words


3 record-setting projects that prove how powerful solar energy really is

When the right technology is used, solar energy can do far more than make your dashboard toy nod its head. It can power homes, businesses and, as these 3 record-setting examples illustrate, help us make our way around the globe. 68 more words


It's OK, you can laugh at this kid getting attacked by a goose

Let’s clear this up right away: No children were hurt in the making of this goose attack.

Now that you’re absolved of guilt, feel free to laugh at these photos. 102 more words


High-tech hiring and the malleable modern career

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Indeed Prime is an exclusive two-sided hiring marketplace from Indeed.com, the world’s #1 jobsite. Indeed Prime simplifies the tech hiring process by connecting top tech talent to top companies. 82 more words


How to win at wining and dining in Minneapolis

When most of us think about Minneapolis, we think of lakes, culture a-plenty, freezing winters and folks who embody “Minnesota nice.”

We’ve got something to add to the list: Food. 92 more words


Presenting that Blake Lively shark attack movie you've been waiting for

Like Eve in the Garden of Eden, Nancy (Blake Lively) bites into an apple, excited to catch a few waves in paradise. But darkness lurks in the bright blue water, and soon sharks, unable to to resist the temptation, find a snack of their own — human flesh. 104 more words