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Hi, I'm making my thoughts open-source.

There used to be a lot of published blog posts on this blog. I was writing a lot, and I was writing pretty often. However, most of this writing comprised of things I didn’t want the public to see, and thus all my posts were password-protected. 111 more words

Understatements #AtoZChallenge

What are they?
Poetic understatements are exactly what they sound like; they are understatements that occur in poetry. They refer to when something is represented as less than what it actually is. 184 more words


U is for Unexpected

Writing for me is not a thoroughly planned journey. It is often just a rough sketch and I usually end up coloring outside of the lines. 270 more words


Useless from A to Z

Its April of 2018 and Day 21 of A to Z Challenge. I am doing ‘Emotion’ a day picked from the bag of life, with an 8 line poem and a thought. 34 more words


Uchitel #AtoZchallenge

Uchitel film style is stained desaturated matte. I love the atmosphere it gives the image, makes it look vintage.

This post is part of my A to Z challenge, this years… 23 more words



Alright, this post is definitely going to get very spoiler heavy but for a computer game that came out over 2 and half years ago. If that sort of thing bothers you, I do not blame you if you step away right now. 1,429 more words


MOB's new look!

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