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2D Film Research

Princess and the Frog.

Princess and the frog was made using hand drawn animation- similar to their classic films which used cell animation.

Cell animation was made on clear sheets of plastic, with the background and character on separate sheets so everything wouldn’t have to be constantly redrawn for each frame of animation. 10 more words


Basket ball animation

In this practise I was applying the squash and stretch principle to create the basic physics of the ball when it hits surrounding objects as well as the border of the animation. 37 more words

Animation Assignment - Sketchbook

These pages are for the stop motion aspect ;These Are my pages done for the 2d animation aspect;

Animation Brief Assignment

Stop Motion Evaluation

My idea for the animation was a part of the ‘Animated Alphabet’ in which I had the letter ‘Z’. I enjoy the Legend of Zelda series and when I realised that I had props that I could use to link it to the project, I was inspired and made it. 320 more words


Evaluation - Stop Motion

For this unit of the assignment we were asked to create a stop motion for a letter we were given of the alphabet, the letter i got was ‘x’. 125 more words

Animation Brief Assignment

Animation Evaluation

2D Animation Evaluation:

I have  made my animation using Adobe photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects to create my animation and the assets to go with it. 1,136 more words