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Assignment 17

Before this course and chapters three3 and four4 of “Cognitive Surplus” i had never really given any real thought to what peoples motives of blogging were, except for a few food blogs and group blogs i already participated in. 257 more words

Assignment 16

Bloggers, by far, are not Journalist although many of them have great stories, facts and advice from experience and can be used well in some important times of question and reason, yet,many professionals have been proven to be wrong many times and still to this day. 150 more words

Assignment 15

I am absolutely loving “flicker”! What a great place for the photography lover. I can see how it and Diigo are similar in the sharing and organizational area’s. 94 more words

Assignment 13

Wow, quite an interesting short read in this first article. “Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted” , Some of the actions in the days of segregation really bother me still and i do not like to think anyone in my heritage could have ever been so horrible! 155 more words

Assigment 13 is Social Media the answer to Revolution

Social Media has only been around for a short time and in that window is has been credited for major uprisings and major defeats around the world. 891 more words

Other Toughts This Semester

Intro to Feed Reading

So, of course, I’ve heard of feed reading before. But I’ve never used it. I’ve always seen that little subscribe button on blogs, but never really gave it much thought. 182 more words

Let's Talk About Blogs: The Onion

Time for one of my personal favourite blogs/news sites: The Onion. This blog is certainly the shining example of Political Satire, if nothing else. The reports do concern a number of recent events and can provide the news in a roundabout way, but most everything concerning The Onion is falsified and simply written for the sake of satire itself. 187 more words

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