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September 16, 1994: A Strange Encounter...

In 1994, something astounding happened in Ruwa, Zimbabwe at the Ariel middle school.

On September 16, at mid-morning break, several children saw two silvery disk-shaped objects skitter erratically across the sky. 716 more words

Christopher James Gardner

The 1890s Airship Waves and our contemporary Flying Black Triangle Mystery

German immigrant Charles Dellschau (1830-1923) was a draftsman of odd aerial devices. Researcher Peter Navarro discovered a coded story within Dellschau’s drawings that told of a worldwide secret society of inventors who had experimented with airships in the 1850s. 3,809 more words

Christopher James Gardner

Carilah, Maka Kamu akan Sulit Mendapat

Mencari perkenanan berupa pujian dan pengakuan dari manusia menjadi salah satu kebiasaan yang cukup sulit disadari dan dimusnahkan begitu saja. Kita dapat menjadi begitu arogan ketika pengakuan itu tidak didapatkan dan begitu kecewa ketika pujian yang diharapkan tidak bisa tercapai. 995 more words


It's Samme!

Let's go fam!

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Around a year ago in a cafe near where I lived, there came a group of girls whom I never saw before.

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Minerals, Atomic Bombs and UFOs

We have spent considerable time in the Tularosa Basin area of New Mexico this winter… a region steeped in geology, history and mystery.

As we sit at Valley of Fires Recreation Area we are wedged between the historic Trinity Atomic Test Site (to the west) and three alleged UFO crash sites (to the east). 313 more words

UFO photography (DSLR)

UFO photography is a commentary blog with posts related to my website myufophotos.com where you can find some awesome authentic UFO photos

It is the amazing world of high resolution DSLR photography that reveals UFOs and the unidentified aerial phenomena from many field photo sessions over the years since 2009. 42 more words


Adobe Patcher (Windows)

Some people do not have money to spend on Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription, although it offers a trial of 7 days (30 days on first try) but people want to have the entitlement of permanently using it without the need of paying anything. 122 more words