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UFO photography (DSLR)

UFO photography is a commentary blog with posts related to my website myufophotos.com where you can find some awesome authentic UFO photos

It is the amazing world of high resolution DSLR photography that reveals UFOs and the unidentified aerial phenomena from many field photo sessions over the years since 2009. 42 more words


Adobe Patcher (Windows)

Some people do not have money to spend on Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription, although it offers a trial of 7 days (30 days on first try) but people want to have the entitlement of permanently using it without the need of paying anything. 122 more words


Highly Important ET Disclosure: Confirmation Process in Progress

by Giorgio Piacenza

The “GIMBAL” video is the first officially declassified video by the U.S. Government of a true UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon). The location date and time and other factors are not shown in the case of this official video that is under an  3,079 more words


Harry Reid’s UFO Hobby - You Paid For It

A secret government UFO program run out of the Pentagon?!

This is the kind of news that gets us X-files fans salivating that the truth isn’t quite so far out there but right here. 2,005 more words

Just Musing

An alternative theory to the 'Chilean UFO' controversy and commentary on the recent video from NY Times

Piqued by the recent NY Times article I did a little digging to find any other allegedly ‘real’ videos of UFO’s or UAP’s. That’s how I discovered the… 979 more words

Everything And Nothing