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윈도우 앱 개발하기(1) : Universal App Platform(UAP)

지금으로부터 수년 전, 아이폰 그리고 후엔 안드로이드에 의해 모바일 시장에서 MS의 윈도우의 입지는 급격하게 밀려 나갔다. 이에 위기의식을 느끼고 위기에서 벗어나기 위해 MS가 몇 년동안 추진해오던 전략중에 하나는 윈도우, 윈도우폰, Xbox 등 MS의 앱 생태계의 개발 환경을 하나로 통합시키는 것이었다. 136 more words


Microsoft's Windows 10 Universal Apps Platform

Microsoft’s new One Windows Platform creates a new class of Windows universal apps – apps that are truly write one time, with one set of business logic and one UI. 275 more words

Get your App Package Family Name

In this blog, i’ll show you how to get you App PackageFamilyName in Windows 10 in C# Code without Store, because it’s not available yet for… 201 more words


Windows 10: Changing Paradigms

Windows 10 is the main discussion topic in the online development communities. This new operating system that is currently in the technical preview (and available through the Microsoft insider program) is a milestone in the platform unification journey that Microsoft embarked upon with starting with Windows Phone and Windows 8 operating systems. 1,169 more words


Windows 10 SDK Preview tools released to help developers make universal apps

Microsoft has released the first version of its SDK tools for the Windows 10 Technical Preview. This first release will allow developers to create apps that fit with Microsoft’s universal app platform for the operating system. 482 more words

Windows Phone

The Effects of University on the Ageing Process

From a year and a half’s experience, I’ve found that uni definitely, definitely creates changes in people. When I got here, upon reaching the no-clean-underwear stage, hungry and exhausted (about 4 weeks in), I decided that I would be a developer. 361 more words


Master Fasion in 1st and 2nd year
A Place of Sense, concept inchegat de cele doua grupuri de Master Moda, anii 1 si 2, din cadrul… 269 more words