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pagsusumikap (n. hardwork)

Kung may sipag at tiyaga, paniguradong may nilaga. Take note, napakasarap na nilaga.

When we were young, the age of twenty seems to scare and excite us.

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Serialize and Encrypt an Object using C#

CodeProject Background

When I was working on some demo applications to check out the IoT buzzword, I needed a way to securely submit messages back and forth between applications running on different platforms. 1,103 more words


Get Time from NTP server using C#

CodeProject Background

When I was developing code for checking the OneTime Passwords  Code for LogonUserWithOTP, I noticed that on one of my development machines (Win7 Enterprise, domain joined) and also on my… 566 more words


Create and use OneTime Passwords


Probably you noticed that a lot of websites and applications start to use some form of Two-Factor Authentication.

In enterprises, this has been used for years to allow the users to securely authenticate for using VPN or web-based published corporate applications. 187 more words


Mengenal Lebih Dekat Setrika Uap dan Tips Cerdas Membelinya

Sebagaimana namanya, setrika uap adalah jenis setrika yang memanfaatkan uap air untuk menimbulkan panas pada pakaian. Jenis setrika ini lebih unggul dibanding setrika biasa karena: 382 more words


Setrika Uap Buatan Phillips Adalah Salah Satu Yang Terbaik

Banyak orang yang penasaran dengan setrika uap karena memang di Indonesia belum terlalu dikenal. Alat setrikaan yang menggunakan uap air ini memang baru populer di atanah air sejak dua atau tiga tahun lalu, meski sebenarnya telah ada dan dikenal di luar negeri selama berpuluh tahun lamanya. 461 more words


#TheManTalk and Real Love Revolution is coming to Manila this Nov 6-7, 2015!

Two exciting events are coming to Manila next week!

  • #TheManTalk by Matt Fradd on Friday, November 6, 1:00-4:00 pm at St. Mary’s College of Quezon City Auditorium.
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