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I am from (Pallet Town)

from (Potion)  and (Antidote)

I am from the (Cool and breezy)

open plain

It (felt nostalgic)

I am from the (rose petals)

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Hosting Environment Isolation: How and Why

Automated Builds, Continuous Integrations, DevOps, Oh my!! There are a ton of buzz words surrounding the different methods and ideas for managing hosting environments and deployments. 1,139 more words


Toyama's Revenge Video Demo

Here’s a video of one of my top-down shooter games, made with GameMaker, Toyama’s Revenge.

Here is a simple platformer game that I made in GameMaker, to demonstrate GameMaker skills and tools.

Game Design

Managing configuration properties for multiple environments

An enterprise level solution always have different environments for different stakeholders like local, dev for developers, UAT/SIT for QAs etc. Then we have a production environment. 208 more words

Designing Hybris Projects

The Science of Shopping

Pacho Underhill brings many theories and observations about the psychology of shoppers in retail stores to light through his research. Area’s like the decompression zone, the inexplicable right bias of shoppers, and theories on how merchandise is presented can all be observed clearly while you are out shopping on your own. 1,192 more words


Guerrillas in the midst

Crisitunity, a word coined by Homer Simpson, comes to mind when I think of how it came to be that I introduced guerrilla testing to the large organisation for which I work, nearly 3 years ago now. 3,276 more words


How to set up a svn environment for hybris projects?

Maintaining a version system for any project is one of the most crucial aspect. Hybris projects are not special in this regard. They also do have the same life cycle in terms of development. 157 more words