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Kako definirati zahtjeve za ERP

Svi znaju da ma koliko ERP (Navision, SAP ili neki treći) bio sveobuhvatan, budući ili postojeći klijent uvijek traži nešto novo. To se zove zahtjev. Zahtjevi se, generalno, dijele na 3 kategorije: zahtjev za funkcionalnošću koja ne postoji u ERP-u (npr. 1,596 more words


Software Testing Flow

In systematic approach through application development, testing takes an important place in SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) that is after the implementation. The goal of software testing is to ensure that every function of the application runs well and meets its requirement. 550 more words

About Me as UAT Tester

I’m an independent business consultant, based in Jakarta and specializing in User Acceptance Test (UAT) for any software in South East Asia Client, especially for Indonesia’s client. 247 more words

Business systems analysis – implementation

There cannot be enough said about documentation – at every step of the SDLC. At Pfizer they had intranet Treps (Team Repositories) which are only accessible by people ‘with permission from the Project Manager – and not all of them have publishing rights. 2,292 more words

Business Systems Analysis

Software testing process.

With Agile rapid development processes being adopted by companies like ourselves, we are releasing and updating our Learning Management System (LMS) continuously. With this development comes the overhead of ensuring we have a sound and solid testing process, as I cannot stress the importance of testing your software releases. 875 more words

User Acceptance Testing: A "test drive" Analogy

I love analogies — I really do. I use them all the time because I find them to be very helpful in conveying a concept, particularly when discussing technical subject-matter with team members, executive management, and customers. 858 more words

Project Management