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Collapsable Delivery Drone

I’m not a huge fan of buzzy little quadcopters, nor am I a fan of delivery drones. The former are about as welcome as a cloud of mosquitos, and the latter promises to transfer even more wealth to the 0.001%. 379 more words


Going Mainstream

Augmented Reality (AR) enhances what we see by integrating computer generated graphics into the real world. Last week, Apple announced that the new iOS 11 will allow customers to experience augmented reality. 534 more words


Future Plans

Breaking Ground 

The Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) industry is growing at an exponential rate. According to Bloomberg Technology, the UAS industry is expected to reach 127 billion by 2020. 345 more words


Off Mission - Red Cross and UPS Testing Surveillance Drone at Disasters

The American Red Cross, working with UPS, is testing a tethered CyPhy Works UAV in the wake of Harvey. This runs counter to their fundamental mission and principles. 353 more words


Guidance to UAV Operators Responding to Florida

The Director, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Program, FSU, working in conjunction with local, state, and Federal agencies, requests that all volunteer UAS operators respect the following: 235 more words


Fully autonomous drone maker Airobotics nabs $32.5M, expands into defense

Airobotics, a startup building autonomous drones for the enterprise sector that do not require humans to get involved in any aspect of operating them, has picked up $32.5 million in funding to expand its business into defense and homeland security, and to expand its business globally. 828 more words


Benefits of using drones after a hurricane

Category Four

Hurricanes are huge storms that last about a week. Winds produced because of a hurricane can exceed speeds of 156 mph, depending on the category. 463 more words