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Buzz your drones over to registration, recommends FAA

Heft that beribboned package!

Does it weigh less than 55 pounds? Does it perhaps have the mass and dimensions to be a hobby drone?

Get ready to register that new toy if it does turn out to be a small, unmanned aircraft system weighing between half a pound (250 grams) – and 55 lbs (25 kgs). 879 more words


Drone makers put their devices on a geofenced leash

How do you keep drones from flying where they shouldn’t?

You can try beseeching the public, like California firefighting services did during the summer’s drought-fueled, brutal fire season. 714 more words


UAVs the future of military

future military

If you are talking about big boys’ toys, then surely being part of the military’s hush-hush research and development team would place you squarely in the front line of being able to play with such new technology. 186 more words

Technology And Science

Watch a Drone Autonomously Dodge Trees at 30 MPH

This team from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory or CSAIL—the lab that brought you soft robots pining for the 90s and devices that can see through walls… 239 more words


Hamilton Lab memebers' papers accepted!

Dr Grant Hamilton and Dr Peter Baxter, along with collaborator Dr Stephen Parnell in Salford University UK, have had two peer-reviewed papers accepted for the MODSIM (21st International Congress on Modelling and Simulation) conference which takes place on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Nov-Dec 2015. 110 more words