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Dedrone Offers A Drone Detection System For Secure Facilities

Invisible Sensor Dome Detects Spy Drones

” You may have noticed that drones have been in the news lately — and by “lately” we mean more-or-less every day for the last several years.

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UAVs in SAR - Deployment and Effectiveness

In an earlier post I wrote: “I think the search & rescue community should do a lot more work on designing and performing experiments with UAVs. 607 more words


What Can a Drone Actually "See"?

I think the UAV industry in general and the search & rescue community in specific should do a lot more work on designing and performing experiments with UAVs. 468 more words


US Wants To Increase Global Lethal And Surveillance Drone Flights To 30,000 By 2019

Intelligence surveillance and collection will be broadened in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, North Africa, and the South China Sea, among other locations.

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Mayday is like an airbag system for your drones

Mayday is a standalone machine learning device that can detect when your quadcopter is crashing and deploy a parachute.

Truth be told, the failure rate associated with drones is extremely high, no matter your skill level. 541 more words

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Drones Lead Search For Irish Antiquities

Drone Technology Aids In Discoveries At Medieval Irish Sites

” Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have been gaining attention in the news for the last few years, but archaeologists like Saint Louis University history professor Thomas Finan, Ph.D., have always appreciated what aerial photography could accomplish.

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Drone flies above B.C. wildfire, forcing helicopter fleet to stop fighting blaze for five hours

OLIVER, B.C. — A small drone intruded into the airspace above a B.C. wildfire Sunday, grounding an entire fleet of aircraft that was supposed to be working on the blaze. 514 more words