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Small Cyclocoper Design From Texas A&M

Last month Moble Benedict and students at Texas A&M demonstrated an interestng little “microdrone” which is neither a quadcopter nor a wing flapper—it is a… 229 more words


Ray guns v. drones

I generally do not welcome the advent of ubiquitous UAVs, filling the air with traffic, snooping on neighbors, and generally annoying me.

I have commented on various defenses that people will surely deploy, in an arms race that only adds to the undesirable effects of civilian drone proliferation. 408 more words


Drones: How They Work

Although drones, formally called unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs, have been around for decades, today they are popular consumer products in addition to secret military weapons. 92 more words

Quad Drones

3OS: America’s next revolution in Military Affairs

Since 2014, the Pentagon has been developing a new doctrine to combat America’s real and perceived vulnerabilities. It is this policy development, glossed over in major media outlets that will come in the shape and character of America’s armed services for the foreseeable future. 1,854 more words


Modified drones are keeping an eye on the world’s wildlife

For more than a year, Michael Moore has been trying to capture the breath of whales.

It’s an audacious idea, but Moore has help. A marine biologist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, he’s rigged a fleet of small unmanned aerial vehicles—UAVs, or drones—with samplers to catch whales’ exhalations from above. 882 more words

DJI Phantom 3 Log Analysis Tool

Rowland Johnson developed an excellent tool, DatCon, for analyzing DJI Phantom 3 log files in Java. I arranged to have it ported to Python because I am far more adept with Python and wanted something that I could extend to support newer file formats and potentially other UAVs. 39 more words

Computer Forensics

Holland College Paramedicine students participate in one of a kind applied research project

There’s an 11-vehicle pile-up on the old runway. A body is sprawled across the ground next to a crushed motorcycle as a wisp of smoke spirals upward. 537 more words