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Eagles v. Drones

In the continuing story of avian drone defenses, the Dutch police continue to lead the field of Eagle-based drone sweeping, with the company “ 172 more words


Hey, Paul Can I Shoot Down a Drone?

I’m often asked this question at various meetings when discussing legal issues with UAVs.  The basic answer is no, you should never shoot down a drone.   73 more words


Robot Hotrodding

With robots and robot technology will within the reach of hobbiests, we have now entered the age of the Hot Rod Bot Culture.  I expect great (?!) things. 268 more words


Canada funding 'revolutionary' development of drones to turn cattle ranching from art into science

The federal government is investing in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles that will sweep down into fields, use sophisticated cameras to scope landscapes and radio frequencies to track their targets — but the commands will be in the hands of cattle ranchers. 551 more words


Tiny Robotic Solar Boats

With the successful circumnavigation by Solar Impulse 2 , it is clear that photovoltaics are ready. If we can fly around the world, what else can we do? 549 more words


Intel could put fireworks out of work, gets FAA permission to fly drone fleets at night

As regulations governing the commercial use of small drones in the U.S. went into effect this week,companies immediately began obtaining exemptions from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to these rules. 248 more words


Small drones pose a 'serious threat' to Canada's troops, report warns

Small consumer-scale drones “pose real and significant threats to military operations,” a report published in May by Ottawa-based defence scientists warns.

Sophisticated quadcopter drones are now being sold to hobbyists at around a… 836 more words