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Airobotics scores authorization to fly autonomous drones in Israel

A startup based in Petah Tikva, Israel, Airobotics, has scored the right to fly drones autonomously for business purposes in Israel. The Civil Aviation Authority of Israel… 288 more words


Dual Drone Coordination

One of the challenges for robots in general and UAV’s in particular is how to coordinate multiple bots.  It’s hard enough to make one… 233 more words


Feds unveil new fines, tighter rules for drones flown too close to airports

OTTAWA – The federal government is bringing in strict measures and fines for anyone who flies a drone too close to an airport or plane. 440 more words


Cardboard Glider Drones

Evan Ackerman reports about a concept for cardboard glider drones, designed to airdrop deliveries cheaply. The idea is that the drone is disposable and intended to disappear after delivery—like a shipping carton. 536 more words



What is Commercial UAVs and How Will It Change The World as We Know It?

The commercial UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) market, although still in its infant days, is expanding rapidly with a varied range of advanced software, hardware and operational products[1] . 2,488 more words

A Bird’s-eye View of Drone Regulation in Malaysia

Our guest writer, Jillian Chia, shares her insight on the laws regulating the use of drones in Malaysia. Be aware of these laws.

You place an order for pizza on your smartphone. 1,038 more words

Guest Post

Tigers v. Drone

UAV + tiger = easy blog fodder.

First of all: wow! How many tigers do they have?!

Second: Good kitty! Smash that irritating buzzer.

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