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DJI Phantom 3 Log Analysis Tool

Rowland Johnson developed an excellent tool, DatCon, for analyzing DJI Phantom 3 log files in Java. I arranged to have it ported to Python because I am far more adept with Python and wanted something that I could extend to support newer file formats and potentially other UAVs. 39 more words

Computer Forensics

Holland College Paramedicine students participate in one of a kind applied research project

There’s an 11-vehicle pile-up on the old runway. A body is sprawled across the ground next to a crushed motorcycle as a wisp of smoke spirals upward. 537 more words


DroneDeploy launches a directory for professional drone operators

DroneDeploy wants businesses to be able to find a drone services provider as easily as anyone can find a place to eat dinner, anywhere in the world. 367 more words


Hacker Resistant UAV

Kevin Hartnett writes in Quanta Magazine about the High-Assurance Cyber Military Systems (HACMS) project, which has achieved very significant strides in formally verified code. He reports on their signature achievement, securing the software of a robot helicopter. 341 more words


Eagles v. Drones

In the continuing story of avian drone defenses, the Dutch police continue to lead the field of Eagle-based drone sweeping, with the company “ 172 more words


Hey, Paul Can I Shoot Down a Drone?

I’m often asked this question at various meetings when discussing legal issues with UAVs.  The basic answer is no, you should never shoot down a drone.   73 more words


Robot Hotrodding

With robots and robot technology will within the reach of hobbiests, we have now entered the age of the Hot Rod Bot Culture.  I expect great (?!) things. 268 more words