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Drones: How Saith Technologies' drone might be a fad—or not

People have found an interest in drones. Lately drones have become so popular that they stand on the verge of becoming more mainstream than they ever were before, and that is somehow thanks to how components for making these drones have become cheaper. 269 more words


Unmanned Aerial Systems continue to prove valuable for farmers

Farmers continue to see the value of using unmanned aerial systems for monitoring and surveillance processes that have traditionally required several people to undertake. A recent UAS workshop in Cordova, Maryland has seen a large agricultural contingency quickly identify several applications for these systems. More here.


When will we have pilotless aircraft?

Keith Hudson

Wedgewood Benn’s Diaries reminds me once again that we have had automatic landings and take-off for a long time.  How long ago has surprised me/  It goes back almost half a century — his diary entry for 3 June 1967. 201 more words

Rob Fischer Interviewed by 3d Printing France, Paris

Rob Fischer Reveals Insights on Business and Industry for 3d Printing Paris France

redstack.com.au | twitter.com/Redstack_AU

What do you do?

Redstack is a leading provider of design technology and services to engineering and architecture professionals. 381 more words

New Drone Regulations for South Africa, This Looks Positive

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RC cars were among the few toys that I loved to use as a child.  My face would light up at the wake of seeing a car I could control with a remote – right turn, quick spin to the left. 557 more words


Selling Yourself - UAS Sales Tips

I haven’t posted anything in weeks. I haven’t stopped. Since my PFAW came through. I really miss writing my little blog.

So, this is a post i plan on adding to over the next few weeks, i just wanted to share a few pictures a friend and fellow UAS Pilot, Des Sterland of SkyHawx, took of my and my client at a local Golf Course. 402 more words


Drones To The Rescue

The Future of HealthTech – Ambulance Drones

” In December 2013, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos caused quite a stir with the announcement of his company’s plans to offer 30-minute product deliveries via unmanned aerial vehicles (more commonly referred to as “drones”). 

201 more words
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