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Warm rays

Good morning Earth!when i woke up this morning it was still night but i knew that soon, the sun will wake up to shine our day today, and everyday.   477 more words

Baltimore, the Not-So-Charming City

I moved to Maryland to attend graduate school at the University of Baltimore, a school I knew (and still know) almost nothing about. I made the trip in one day, drove straight from Illinois with all my belongings crammed in my car with me. 380 more words


International Game Day

My last blog talked about Starting Your Future Now, and how you can begin sharpening your skills for whatever career you want. I also mentioned how getting feedback from  other people can be beneficial, especially if your career is project-based. 287 more words

Life At USG

Harmadik éve indulunk az UBn, és én nagyjából minden évben a nulláról kezdem a felkészülést. Igaz, idén van a legtöbb esélyem, hogy valami haladást is felmutassák, mert most van majdnem hét hónapom, hogy vigyem valamire. 14 more words


Oh l'bataaard

It is quite surreal to think that we have finally arrived in Mongolia. This was one of the stop we were extremely curious about, and we haven’t been disappointed. 260 more words


Tambahan Lemak pada MPASI FMB

Kok berlemak sih buburnya?!?! Hehehe, jangan heran bun, lemak tambahan memang dibutuhkan bagi baby untuk membantu sistem cernanya.

Tentunya FMB hanya menyediakan lemak pilihan berkualitas yang memang direkomendasikan untuk MPASI yaa.. 118 more words

FMB News

Hootsuite Certified

I am officially Hoosuite certified. I remember the first day of class when professor Katz told us that we would be taking this social media online course. 254 more words