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[몽골여행] 1st day On the way to UB, Mongolia 2016 (7/29)

의외로 몽골로 직항이 있다.

표를 구매할 때 알겠지만, 직항이 대략 3시간에서 3시간 30분 정도 걸린다.

한편, 1번 경유하면 중국에서 하루를 보내게 되어 나는 직항을 무려 비지니스로 구매했다.

5. Travel

Do I Really Have to Get Up at 6:15 AM Tomorrow?

Tomorrow, I return to the 9-to-5 grind, with decidedly mixed feelings.

Of course, I’m happy to have a job.  Many older people have trouble finding new employment when jobs are lost, and I was very fortunate to have  a strong network to rely upon.  522 more words

That's Life

SE01E05: UB City Food Walk at Cafe Mangii

Cafe Mangii is a cosy little place tucked in the corner of UB City 2nd level. Mangii has an all day menu serving you a handpicked selection of food and beverages, do check out their exotic wines section! 497 more words

Back at dreaming

Managinip. Mangarap. Mag-asam. Ngunit, huwag ka makalimot. Ang mga pangarap mo ay hindi dapat manatili bilang pangarap lamang.

Here I am, fUNemployed again.. Haha. It`s been a month since my first job ended.

523 more words

SOI: Madness and discard outlets

An analysis of cards with madness and the discard outlets that enable them in Shadows over Innistrad is available at http://www.mtggoldfish.com/articles/madness-and-discard-outlets-in-shadows-over-innistrad-draft.


Deconstructing Eden

We thought about it.

We procrastinated.

We made plans.

We got thinking a bit more and weathered one more winter and finally we started.

We are making some big, fun changes. 1,106 more words

Surviving Grad School in the US: A Grad School State of Mind

I major(ed) in Literature. Since this is my first ever post, I thought it might be prudent to disassociate from the narcissism I succumb to from time to time as a defense mechanism, and write about something a dear old friend said helped him get through his first semester at University at Buffalo. 1,468 more words