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Live Blogging in the Library 


I think it is so great to find a success story from someone coming from UB.

So he saved enough money to go the University of Bridgeport, where he majored in business education and “dabbled in theater.”

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Live Blogging in the Library 


Time to head back to class! I read an amazing article that said having snacks in between class is great for your focus!

“Students need to be able to refuel throughout the day to maintain energy and focus on academics, and that’s where snacking comes in.”

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Certamen 2017

This year some the of graduate students at the University at Buffalo volunteered at the local certamen. We ran a table and played a pictionary-esque game with English words derived from Latin. Definitely returning for next year!


Summer 2017

COM 350 Introduction to the Age of Information

Instructor: Devan Rosen

Super easy and slack class, just do your work, come to class every lesson and you can get an A for sure. 1,471 more words


First Class

This is my first media class and it is amazing! I am loving it.

Rowe said the company was “comfortable” with the size of the evacuation zone. 88 more words

Being in Mongolia

If you ever have a chance to go to #Mongolia in your life – do it!
Working for Caterpillar had a period of time when spent about 2 weeks monthly in this great country. 431 more words