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I want to talk about homme fatals – one single homme fatal in particular. And to do that, I need to talk about femme fatales as a trope. 3,834 more words



Sorry, Inception. Ubik did it first.

Ubik is my second proper foray into the works of PKD, after Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch. Overall,  1,405 more words


Essential Reading: August 2015

Well, July was an interesting month. Five books, fifteen movies, and countless podcast episodes. I didn’t get to read Emily L. by Marguerite Duras but the book that I read more than made up for it. 616 more words


UBIK UNO the No-bezel Smartphone with High-end specs hits #Kickstarter by @Tiwaash #Startup #Android

We are in the age where there are new smartphones being launched quite often and not only that but there are innovative companies which come up with great design and attractive package leaving us consumers confused on which one to go for, well I’m not complaining about it. 352 more words


Ubik: my first exposure to the mind of Dick

Ubik is the first Philip K. Dick novel that I have read.  I heard about Dick through Robert Anton Wilson.  Wilson commented that when he (Wilson) was experimenting with Crowleyan Magick techniques and passing through his “Chapel Perilous”, he began to receive messages from what he initially interpreted as beings from the Sirius Star System (later Wilson comments that he interpreted these messages as coming from a Great White Rabbit from County Carey, and later still he interpreted them as being the left and right hemispheres of his brain communicating with each other…).  5,251 more words

Philip K. Dick

"Ubik" By Phillip K. Dick (1Sentence Review)

A vivid Sci-Fi hallucination with a 5th Element sense of humor and a bit of a Sixth Sensesque plot twist, capped off by a metaphysical meditation of the divine that left me feeling empty. 407 more words