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Developer interview: We ask what Rainbow Six Siege brings to the table after eight years away

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six games were once a staple in the world of shooters, providing tactical action that stood apart from competitors due to the series’ focus on close-quarters, team-based combat. 1,320 more words

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Rainbow Six Siege won't be supportive of eSports from launch

With many a multiplayer game heading in the direction of eSports – Call of Duty Black Ops III being the most recent example of a game that was built primarily with eSports in mind rather than as an afterthought – it seems strange that a largely multiplayer-focused game such as Rainbow Six Siege would not be so enthused regarding the spectator sport. 144 more words

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Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta's Starting Date Announced

After having a closed beta which ran from September 24 to October 4 and recieved mostly mediocre reviews, developer studio Ubisoft Montreal has decided that it wants to have another go. 113 more words


Rainbow Six Siege Single Player Situations Gameplay

I had a chance to capture some of the new single player Situations mode that is going to be a part of Rainbow Six Siege… 29 more words

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TL;DR: Assassin's Creed Syndicate

If you like any of the previous 38 Assassin Creed titles then you will love Syndicate. If this is you, just go buy the game because it is the same thing just in Victorian London this time — which seems to be a pretty popular time period. 131 more words


Revisiting The Evolution of Man's Primal Instincts - Why I'm Excited for Far Cry Primal!

When I heard rumours of a new Far Cry game, I wasn’t particularly excited for another open-world first person shooter. I’m familiar with the series’s style, and although I’ve learned to appreciate a good game when I see one, Far Cry’s reliance on guns and explosions for entertainment with no meaningful story meant that the series lost avid gamers, like myself, that largely play games to immerse themselves in the… 477 more words