Ubud encounters: Pamuntjak, Lewis live dangerously in novels on 1965 turmoil

The September 1965 upheaval in Jakarta depicted in The Year of Living Dangerously was only the beginning of the story. In the three years that followed, up to 3 million people were killed and thousands more imprisoned in a purge of alleged Communists as General Suharto consolidated his power and replaced President Sukarno. 725 more words

Ubud encounters: Goenawan Mohamad names, reserves judgment on Indonesia’s ‘next president’

Indonesia’s renowned author and foremost man of letters Goenawan Mohamad said he expected Joko Widodo to be the country’s next president. That’s not an uncommon sentiment, even though the Jakarta governor, commonly known as Jokowi, has yet to declare his candidacy, … 290 more words

Making out at Bridges

I kissed Luce, and before I could break apart she put a bit of her tongue in my mouth. Just a light flutter; the buzz of a bumblebee wing. 666 more words


Ubud encounters: Afghanistan for Afghans

Australian painter Ben Quilty and Indonesian writer Agustinus Wibowo told the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in Bali how they each reached Afghanistan by different routes for different reasons. 536 more words

How I met Luce at the Ubud Writers Festival

I know I have taken a while to get to telling you (the patient reader) about the beautiful woman who changed my life. The woman who made me realise I was but a scared little boy surrounded by sex-crazed men in a materialistic world where everything – including the warmth of another– has currency. 439 more words


International poetry reading : from a fighter in a dress

This is the third part of a longer story. Read page one to get the context.

The MC called my name during the Ubud Poetry Slam and I stood at the front holding my notepad. 326 more words


Ubud encounters: Flanagan takes the bridge

The Ubud Writers and Readers Festival began in 2004 as a response to the Bali bombings of 2002. It survived the Bali bombings of 2005 that occurred a week before the second edition of the festival began. 188 more words