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Pendaftaran Penulis Emerging Indonesia untuk Ubud Writers & Readers Festival Dibuka!

Yayasan Mudra Swari Saraswati, lembaga nirlaba yang menaungi Ubud Writers & Readers Festival (UWRF), mengumumkan Seleksi Penulis Emerging Indonesia untuk UWRF 2018 kembali dibuka. Seleksi ini adalah sebuah program Festival yang diadakan untuk menemukan calon-calon bintang sastra Indonesia. 374 more words


Bali - Mt.Batur 不可思議登山『 烏布』




我們在bali的空拍影片 點進去

這是座充滿著希望的山,簡單來說這是我第二次登上這座山,第一次是我solo trip to ubud ,第二次有點像是dream came ture 所以我帶著我男友回來爬(還願?)感覺爬不上去我就不能嫁給他的概念,體力大考驗,體力不好就要out了他!哈哈哈哈 威~不過不愛運動的男友我應該不會選吧!



關於我神奇的故事,兩年前我一單身後的隔天第一件瘋狂的事就是學電影買了張機票去bali爽,但是當然不能說去爽,要說去療傷找自己這樣(大家都學他學不膩,行銷的很好就是了)!沒有任何行程的我住進了這家Kajane Mua Villa in Ubud, 地點在市中心走到知名的烏布市集大概10分鐘,當然是沿路不能逛街啦!邊逛邊逛我逛到那邊都不知道多久後了,飯店也都有接駁車,很方便!

這也是2015單身旅遊時的照片 54 more words


Top 3 Places you Must Visit in Indonesia

Indonesia is a very unique country, has many tourist attractions.

Are you looking for a beach? there is

Are you looking for a mountain? there is… 643 more words


Ubud, Bali


Ubud is a magical place… Arriving late at night we woke up the next morning in jungle paradise (the first photo was our view when we opened our doors)! 234 more words



Near the end of our semester abroad, six of us jetted north to Indonesia to escape the cold weather and final exams weighing us down in Australia. 58 more words


The Light Guy

The Coworking space in Ubud runs some pretty far out workshops. Only here would it seem normal to take a break from your workday to go and lie beneath strobing lights, with pulsing surround sound, and hallucinate your head off. 1,171 more words


Deities and Dogs; A Bali photo essay

This paradise is a curious place. I rocket from distaste to delight in the space of a 5 minute walk. Bali has the world’s most luxurious resorts, with rubbish piled next door. 505 more words