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Stream entire audio of ubuntu box to the android devices

Setting up the Server in Ubuntu:

To setup the PulseAudio Server we need to

  • Determine which source to stream
  • Edit config files
  • Restart PulseAudio

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Node-Red Dashboard running on Nginx port 80

After finishing my Node-Red dashboard app, and boy, it’s awesome. Everything works great, but I wanted to bind it to port 80 on my nginx server. 464 more words


Raspberry Pi - Stuck in boot after installing upstart

I  installed upstart so I could run a script at startup  with sudo apt-get install upstart and I then rebooted my RPi.

Afterwards my RPi running… 280 more words


snap install openstackclients

Over the last month or so I’ve been working on producing snap packages for a variety of OpenStack components.  Snaps provide a new fully isolated, cross-distribution packaging paradigm which in the case of Python is much more aligned to how Python projects manage their dependencies. 253 more words


How to install ParaView 5.2 on Ubuntu 16.04

Install ParaView from Ubuntu repositories

Installing ParaView with the command

sudo apt-get install paraview

results in an earlier version (5.01.) of ParaView. You might want to upgrade to 5.2.

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System V init script(start-stop-daemon)

I’ve been looking for efficient ways to start at boot my NodeJS dependent applications, with inspiration from https://gist.github.com/alobato/1968852, I modified it to my own needs. 244 more words