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How to install newest version of pdf2djvu from source code in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit

cd /tmp
sudo rm -rf pdf2djvu*
rm index*
wget --no-check-certificate https://bitbucket.org/jwilk/pdf2djvu/downloads/
URL=`grep xz index.html |head -n 1|cut -d"\"" -f6`
wget --no-check-certificate https://bitbucket.org/`echo $URL`
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install aptitude build-essential unp checkinstall
sudo aptitude install libgraphicsmagick++1-dev libgraphicsmagick1-dev liblcms2-dev liblcms2-2
sudo aptitude install libexiv2-dev libgexiv2-dev libuuidm-ocaml-dev libuuidm-ocaml-dev libkexiv2-dev
sudo apt-get build-dep pdf2djvu
unp pdf2djvu-*.tar.xz 
cd pdf2djvu-*/
sudo ./configure
sudo make
sudo checkinstall
pdf2djvu --version
# Output of the last Terminal command should look similar to the following output:
# pdf2djvu 0.9.1
# + DjVuLibre 3.5.25
# + Poppler 0.24.5
# + GraphicsMagick++ 1.3.18 (Q8)
# + Exiv2 0.23
apt-cache show pdf2djvu
# Package: pdf2djvu
# Status: install ok installed
# Priority: extra
# Section: checkinstall
# Installed-Size: 1288
# Maintainer: root
# Architecture: amd64
# Version: 0.9.1-1
# Provides: pdf2djvu
# Description: Package created with checkinstall 1.6.2
# Description-md5: 556b8d22567101c7733f37ce6557412e

How to compile and install newest version of curl from github in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit

# Dependency to compile and install first: openssl
# https://mark911.wordpress.com/2015/01/10/how-to-compile-and-install-newest-version-of-openssl-in-ubuntu-14-04-lts-64-bit-via-github/
# Then compile and install curl from github source in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit
sudo DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get --yes --force-yes update
sudo DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get --yes --force-yes install checkinstall build-essential cmake rtmpdump
# sudo apt-get purge curl
sudo DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get --yes --force-yes build-dep curl
sudo rm -rf curl curl-build
mkdir curl-build
git clone https://github.com/bagder/curl.git
cd curl
sudo ./buildconf
cd lib
cd .. 176 more words

How to compile and install Google's brotli - generic-purpose lossless compression - algorithm in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit

# http://betanews.com/2015/09/22/google-launches-brotli-a-new-open-source-compression-algorithm-to-speed-up-the-web/
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python2.7
sudo rm -rf brotli/
git clone https://github.com/google/brotli.git
cd ~/brotli/
sudo python setup.py install
cd ~/brotli/tests
sudo make
cd ~/brotli/tools
./bro --help

Some Compiz bugs will be automatically closed.

Since, there were hundreds of old, invalid and expired bugs reported under the Compiz project on Launchpad, the desktop team recently decided to close a few of them and prioritize the others. 156 more words


AWSCli Installation & Configuration using Ansible

In this blog post, we’ll learn that how we can use simple Ansible role to install the AWS CLI with all the required dependencies on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, it should work on other versions of Ubuntu too. 272 more words


Install Imagemagick with WEBP on Ubuntu

Somehow standard imagemagick on Ubuntu does compiled with `WEBP` support, There’s a bug report with “wishlist” level on Ubuntu about it here

So we need to compile it on our own, this is what I do on my Ubuntu machine… 128 more words


ap-hotspot error : "Another process is already running"

When you start ap-hotspot using following command

$ sudo ap-hotspot start

it shows
“Another process is already running”
and when you try to stop it using following command…

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