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Manage syncthing remotely via ssh

I have two webservers that have no GUI and are managed remotely via ssh.

In order to synchronize data across the two servers in “real time”, I opted for syncthing. 105 more words

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Xfce (desktop GUI environment) for Ubuntu Mint


  • have Ubuntu+Xfce ready with XUbuntu or do as nested points suggest
    • install Ubuntu or derivatives like Ubuntu Mint
    • install Xfce
      • install “mint-meta-xfce” on Ubuntu Mint…
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Cheroot Privileges: a Potpourri of Pointlessness.

Cheroot (Tamil "shuruttu" meaning "a roll"): a cigar. Reputed to be pungent.
chroot (GNU coreutils, manual section 8): run command in special root directory.
Potpourri: a compost heap, montage, medley, or ragout. 1,560 more words

Using sftp + ssh RSA key, no password

Use the command below to connect to an sftp server using ssh, no password and an RSA key as authentication method.

lftp -u sftpuser, sftp://myserver.com/ -e 'set sftp:connect-program
"ssh -p  -i  " '
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RStudio freezes when opening file

After I had to kill RStudio because the process it was running ate all the temporary space, RStudio would freeze when trying to open an R script. 42 more words

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Installing Ubuntu on an Acer C720P chromebook

There is a lot of information available regarding installation of single-boot Ubuntu on an Acer C720P but here I’m posting what works for me in Jan 2017. 946 more words

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Spinning up a new Linux VM on Microsoft Azure

First of all a very very Happy New Year to all of you !!!

This is my first blog post in 2017, and I’ll start with the most happening thing with SQL Server, which is SQL Server for Linux. 600 more words