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Ubuntu update 403 error

If you are trying to run a command,

sudo apt-get update

and you receive the following error: 403  Forbidden, the problem might be the server you are downloading from is down, or connections are not currently allowed. 45 more words


Sending emails from command-line using Gmail & SSMTP

I wanted to send email reports from my computers. For that, the easiest is to create additional Gmail account (so your private email is safe) and… 99 more words


Non-updatable packages in Ubuntu

When you have a standard update mantra in Ubuntu sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade sometimes you receive a list of packages which “have been kept back”. 18 more words


Easy like Sunday morning

# cowsay
sudo apt-get install fortune-mod cowsay
fortune | cowsay

/ Don't let your mind wander -- it's too \
\ little to be let out alone. 8 more words

How to fix the Tomcat 7 private instance and Eclipse integration error in Ubuntu

The first step as part of my journey in learning Spring MVC was to create a private instance of Tomcat 7. The procedure I had followed is documented as part of my earlier post: … 481 more words


How to fix the blank screen problem while launching WhatsApp web client from Google Chrome installed in Ubuntu

I have Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS version installed on my Compaq Presario A900. Its a widescreen laptop (actually, a desktop replacement) with 17 inch display. I love the large screen and the full sized keyboard. 515 more words