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Using sftp + ssh RSA key, no pass

Use the command below to connect to an sftp server using ssh, no password and an RSA key as authentication method.

lftp -u sftpuser, sftp://myserver.com/ -e 'set sftp:connect-program
"ssh -p  -i  " '
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RStudio freezes when opening file

After I had to kill RStudio because the process it was running ate all the temporary space, RStudio would freeze when trying to open an R script. 42 more words

Ubuntu Linux

Installing Ubuntu on an Acer C720P chromebook

There is a lot of information available regarding installation of single-boot Ubuntu on an Acer C720P but here I’m posting what works for me in Jan 2017. 946 more words

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Nextcloud 11 installation on Ubuntu 16.04.1

Nextcloud is an interesting and intensively evolving fork from Owncloud with free syncronization clients, a flexible appearance and advanced monitoring features. In this small tutorial, I will go through the installation of Nextcloud 11 on Ubuntu Server 16.04.1. 535 more words


Spinning up a new Linux VM on Microsoft Azure

First of all a very very Happy New Year to all of you !!!

This is my first blog post in 2017, and I’ll start with the most happening thing with SQL Server, which is SQL Server for Linux. 600 more words


Check Internet Speed with speedtest-cli on Terminal Ubuntu

Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb

Kembali lagi dengan saya di blog sangpemimpi ini,kali ini saya akan menulis tutorial mengenai cara menginstall speedtest-cli pada ubuntu.Speedtest-cli ada tool untuk mengecek speed internet kalian melalui terminal linux. 117 more words


Acer C720P Elantech touchpad finally working with Ubuntu!

Thanks to GalliumOS, I’ve been able to use the Elantech touchpad on my Acer C720P Chromebook since I installed full single boot Ubuntu on it in late 2015. 25 more words

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