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What is a DOI?

A DOI is a unique permanent number used to identify digital content which stands for Digital Object Identifier. For instance, a DOI can be generated for a journal paper you have published. 94 more words


Shrink a dynamically growing disk from VirtualBox

I’m preparing Ubuntu image for the course. After installation of required software and datasets, the system image grew a lot. I have decided to shrink its size by disabling swap and removing unused data. 110 more words


Testing connection speed between two computers

I’ve expanded my home network with new switch and I wanted to test the connection speed between different computers. At first, I ran rsync, but I’ve quickly realised it’s limited by source/destination read/write speeds. 87 more words


Ubuntu update 403 error

If you are trying to run a command,

sudo apt-get update

and you receive the following error: 403  Forbidden, the problem might be the server you are downloading from is down, or connections are not currently allowed. 45 more words


Sending emails from command-line using Gmail & SSMTP

I wanted to send email reports from my computers. For that, the easiest is to create additional Gmail account (so your private email is safe) and… 103 more words


Non-updatable packages in Ubuntu

When you have a standard update mantra in Ubuntu sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade sometimes you receive a list of packages which “have been kept back”. 18 more words


Easy like Sunday morning

# cowsay
sudo apt-get install fortune-mod cowsay
fortune | cowsay

/ Don't let your mind wander -- it's too \
\ little to be let out alone. 8 more words