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On terminal and file manipulation commands

(photo from: http://askubuntu.com/questions/422662/new-to-the-linux-how-to-update-firefox-and-install-flash-player-add-on)

This week on our IT1 class, we were taught how the Ubuntu system works and how to use the terminal as well as execute some basic commands. 368 more words

Bash Environment and Compiling C++


All bash script files to be saved with Linux line ending LF. Windows line endings CRLF in bash script files spoil the script as Bash will think CR is a command. 127 more words


Install and Build Libraries for Abivin vAlgo++

Complete tool chain for developers on Windows:

  • Ubuntu Linux Subsystem on Windows 10 (recommended): Initially is Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty)
  • Cygwin (for Windows before Windows 10)
  • 207 more words

Ubuntu Xenial Repos on Windows Linux Subsystem

This article is a mistake, I got Xenial repos only once. When doing ‘lxrun /uninstall’ and ‘lxrun /install’ again, it’s back to Trusty.

Windows 10 comes with Ubuntu Linux Subsystem but it first started as Ubuntu 14 (Trusty). 145 more words


Ubuntu 13.04 Desktop Edition 32 Bit/64bit

Ubuntu 13.04 Desktop Edition 32 Bit/64bit

Linux Operating System Review

Linux users community is growing very fast. Ever wonder why? Because of the linux fast performance and zero virus operating system. 372 more words

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