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Creating a Samba File Share Server with Ubuntu

When I get the chance to work with Linux and dealing with the server side of the Linux world. I jump right to it with no hesitation; I was given the assignment to create a Samba file share server. 481 more words


Submarines, spherics and Radxa Rock

Spending this weekend finalizing my work for  OPERA project ( www.opera2015.xyz ) in the ELF band for the next (at least we hope)observatory over the western alps,i’ve tried for fun ,to record with a cheap USB Sound Card, a Radxa Rock Board with a custom kernel (added some audio and usb modules) running  Ubuntu Server  and the Explorer E202 , some stations  in the VLF band. 189 more words


Ubuntu Server 15.04 Virtualbox Image

I created pre-installed Ubuntu Server 15.04 64bit Virtualbox image to be used for various server side setups.

It can be freely downloaded and used by you. 111 more words


How to Install WordPress with LAMP in Ubuntu Server 14.04

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How to install wordpress with LAMP in Ubuntu Server 14.04 lts

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How to Upgrade Ubuntu Server 12.04 to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

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How to install LAMP Server in Ubuntu Server 14.04

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