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Easy ssh into libvirt VMs and LXD containers

Finding your VMs and containers via DNS resolution so you can ssh into them can be tricky. I was talking with St├ęphane Graber today about this and he reminded me of his excellent article: … 180 more words


Setting Up A DNS Server - Linux

Domain Name System (DNS) servers, or name servers, are used to resolve an IP address to a hostname or vice versa. The Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) is most commonly used to set up a DNS server on the Internet. 1,148 more words


Setting Up A NTP Server - Linux

The Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a networking protocol for time and date synchronization between servers/computers. The time will vary depending on network latency however with tens of milliseconds over the Internet and almost one millisecond on LAN. 373 more words


Setting A DHCP IP Address - Linux

Hi Linux Users! Since I made the Setting A Static IP Address tutorial, I thought that it would be important to make Setting a DHCP IP Address tutorial. 265 more words


How To Change Your Hostname - Linux

I hope this post finds you well. In this posting we will be talking about modifying your hostname on your Linux OS to fit your personal or professional needs. 159 more words


How To Set A Static IP Address - Linux

Hi Linux Users! This tutorial is going to walk you through the process of setting a Static IP address on Ubuntu Linux. If you would like to change your interface to a Dynamic IP address please take a look at… 272 more words


Use shared folder to develop with a VirtualBox Ubuntu Server guest

Recently the company that I work for change my Lenovo T440 with Ubuntu 16.04 for a MacBook Air with macOS and although I never really liked Mac (Too expensive for the specs provided) I loved the change but there are several differences that, when it comes to web development, I need to take in account, so I just installed a local Ubuntu 16.04 server with VirtualBox to test my work before to put it out. 285 more words