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Samba 4.6.6 Active Directory with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server - Making File Shares with Windows ACLs

Using Samba 4.6.6 AD DC on the server domain controller itself, and using Windows ACLs to control the share and the security.

Pre Making-a-Share on the Domain Controller: 226 more words

Demoting a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS DC Server from a Samba 4.6.6 Active Directory

Make sure your domain controller you want to demote has no FSMO roles.  There are 7 FSMO roles and to check them use this:

samba-tool fsmo show… 868 more words

Joining a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS DC to Samba 4.6.6 Active Directory

Joining a Ubuntu Server DC to existing Samba AD DC directory is quite like building a AD DC but a little bit different at the end, namely joining and instead of building a AD DC. 1,702 more words


Installing Samba 4.6.6 Active Directory on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server

Starting with Samba 4.6.0 AD, it allows for the latest Windows 10 to see the netlogon and sysvol share.

Note: When installing Ubuntu server I would recommend you also install openSSH Server with default Standard System Utilities in the Software Installation page. 1,123 more words


Install Apache Reverse Proxy on Ubuntu Server

Hello everyone,

I am going to implement an Apache Reverse Proxy on Ubuntu Server. I will share with you the steps I did to accomplish this task. 560 more words


“Maas and Juju environment in LXD and ZFS on Ubuntu 16.04Lts Server Edition″

For more informations about Maas and Juju we can view these link:


Now lets begin with this first guide used to prepare our environment: 152 more words

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"Maas and Juju on LXD and ZFS – part 4/4”


In order to setup Juju we need to make some steps and requirements:

  • Deploy a Charm

Applications themselves are deployed either as ‘charms’ or as ‘bundles’.

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