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GBS Academy Computer Class - Now open for the public.

IT Training – SQL, Presentation, Cable Crimping

We now open up for the public to participate in the shooting of the GBS Academy. We have received several enquiries to the same effect. 386 more words

It Training

Latest CD of Free Ubuntu Linux 10.04 for Kanpur Computer Assemblers

If your Internet connection is very slow and you are having problems downloading the latest copy of Ubuntu Linux  10.04

Come and join us for Samosa, Chai and Learning How to Install latest Ubuntu Linux on Computer – Desktop or Laptop… 45 more words

Ubuntu ShipIt Program Thinking Smarter

The Ubuntu ShipIt Program. If you’re not familiar with it, you’ve probably never typed in “free Ubuntu CD” on Google or any other search engine. 173 more words

Desktop User

Buy Ubuntu Training

Why buy Ubuntu training? Because you might spend all afternoon trying to fix your wireless, or an entire morning fiddling with the Ubuntu terminal. As a beginner these setbacks can be extremely frustrating and obviously time consuming. 122 more words

Desktop User

RAID, LVM and ACLs on Ubuntu 8.04

Ubuntu is trying to break into the server market.  Indeed as I talk with companies moving to Linux on a weekly basis over 50% of them want to move to Ubuntu as the server of choice.  400 more words


Apache in Ubuntu 8.04

Apache 2.28 is the current version that ships with Ubuntu 8.04.  There are several meaningful changes.  One of those changes is a much smaller apache2.conf configuration file.  644 more words

Server Admin

Securing FTP

File Transfer Protocol, FTP has been around a long time. It has been around so long as it is easy to use and is a valuable asset when you need to transfer files, even large files. 234 more words