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Performance Enhancement in Ubuntu

I am using Ubuntu for an while now and over the last few months and I find that the performance of my system has been drastically reduced. 466 more words


Ubuntu Cleanup

There is an excellent article on Ubuntu Genius on how to clean Ubuntu’s Unused Linux Kernel Headers, Images and Modules.   While I have been using Linux, Unix and every operating system you can imagine for years, I had no idea this command could do this for Ubuntu- … 33 more words


Tweak Ubuntu

Want to Tweak Ubuntu and find those settings that are hidden or hard to find?  Ubuntu Tweak is an excellent little debian package you can download and install in seconds.   16 more words


New post @tech blog!

One fine morning, this idea came – why don’t I have images of my choice as a background slide show? Curious about what is happening behind the scenes when the desktop background changes as predetermined in the Win7 as well as Ubuntu 10.10 – I embarked on a mission to find it ;). 25 more words


Speed up Linux (debian) or Ubuntu

Want to speed up Ubuntu?   Try these steps-

1. Use Preload – Preload is an adaptive readahead daemon that monitors applications and analyzing data and predicts what applications may run.     74 more words


disable shutdown and restart confirmation dialogs in ubuntu lucid

In ubuntu versions before lucid when the shutdown or restart button is pressed there will be a confirmation dialog asking to confirm your action and if no action is taken in 60 seconds the system will automatically confirm your action. 198 more words

Linux Tips

Disable video and audio preview in Brasero disk burner

Brasero disk burner has a new feature to show the preview of the video and audio files while choosing them for burning and it sometimes reduces the user’s ability to quickly select files for burning.For people who find the video and audio preview in the Brasero disk burner is annoying then this trick is for you.Brasero disk burner is the default disk burner in GNU/Linux distributions such as Ubuntu,Linux mint, Fedora, etc using the Gnome desktop environment. 227 more words