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I found two ways to configure the /etc/resolv.conf file to prevent it to be overridden by the system.

  1. Edit the base file under the resolv.conf.d…
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How to run a PHP script as root

You can execute PHP scripts as a root user on Ubuntu by editing the sudoers with visudo, but be warned!

It is not a good idea giving the Apache user, which runs your PHP script, root permissions. 242 more words

Installing Oracle Java 8 in Ubuntu 18.04

This is a quick tutorial for beginners to install Oracle Java 8 in Ubuntu 18.04 using PPA.

Pre requisites:

Before installing Java in Ubuntu, of course you will need… 179 more words


Static IP config with netplan (ubuntu)

If you use a modern Ubuntu distribution (the latest 18.04 LTS or 17.XX), you might have noticed that the package to configure the network changed. 93 more words


Getting the Hang of Linux! (Really.)

Some of the bros on MadIRC were messing with me about giving some variety to the blog, and suggested that I document my Linux learning process for you all. 390 more words

Dark Web

Shell scripts I find useful.

Last modified 20180621

 This collection (just starting I hope) of scripts I find useful. At this time I will probably not be giving any explanation on how they work, but if you ask I will do so and probably include them in this Blog Post. 186 more words


Fast image viewer for Linux

Meet feh – a fast and minimalist image viewer, suitable for quickly scrolling though your collection of resized photos without annoying jerks and delays.

It can be installed from your package repository. 77 more words