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Problem with a DNA sequencer

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I have recently obtained the MinION USB genome (DNA) sequencer, which to my disappointment doesn’t seem to be working in Ubuntu properly. 190 more words

Is it safe to install LibreOffice alongside OpenOffice.org?

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I would like to try out LibreOffice, but I’m worried about messing up my existing OpenOffice.org install. Can LibreOffice be safely installed alongside OpenOffice.org? 60 more words

ใช้งานแอฟ Line ภาษาไทยใน Ubuntu

แอฟแชทข้ามแพลตฟอร์มยอดนิยมในไทยคงหนีไม่พ้น Line ทำให้ไม่ว่าจะคุยกับใครก็ต้องใช้ Line เสมอ แต่ก็ติดปัญหาอยู่ว่าจะส่งข้อมูลบางอย่างจาก PC ที่ใช้ Ubuntu นี่ลำบากเหลือเกินเพราะว่า Line ไม่รองรับ Ubuntu ทางที่ง่ายที่สุดก็คือรันแอฟ Line ของวินโดวส์ โดยผ่าน Emulator อย่าง wine ไปดูกันเลยครับ

  1. ติดตั้ง wine
    $ sudo apt-get install wine…
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Set Multiple values for StartupWMClass (to group under same launcher in Unity)

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This a specific example of a generic problem I haven’t been able to find a solution for yet.

I have a program (Android Virtual Device Manager) that launches ‘sub-programs’ (namely emulators or virtual devices) from within itself (also can be launched from else where). 579 more words

Commandline tool for viewing xls files

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Is there a commandline tool for viewing/opening excel (.xls) files?

So the answer works great unless the worksheets don’t have a custom name. 384 more words

How to create a unity launcher that does file-monitoring?

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I would like to create a launcher that does the same thing as the trash icon where different quicklists are shown depending on whether or not there are items on the trash. 1,028 more words

What is apt-fast and should I use it?

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Several times over the past couple years, I’ve heard of people using apt-fast for updating and installing packages, but I’m not really sure what it does. 201 more words