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How to Dual Boot / Install a Linux Distro

Open source Development:

Open source software means that software’s whose source code is available for all developers, globally spread across the world. Or universe if you will! 1,162 more words

Ubuntu Server - LVM with LUKS Encryption made easy 2017

How it works?

When you boot your server it asks for password (not your system user password) for getting the access to data on hard drive(s). 609 more words


Plasma in a Snap?

…why not!

Shortly before FOSDEM, Aleix Pol asked if I had ever put Plasma in a Snap. While I was a bit perplexed by the notion itself, I also found this a rather interesting idea. 1,035 more words


Consul startup using systemd on ubuntu


At home I use Ubuntu, consul and (vault) quite a bit, here is how I get consul to startup when my computer boots up using… 280 more words

How to kill a frozen screen in Ubuntu 16.04

I am using Ubuntu now full-time, after formatting my machine and getting rid of windows or dual boot. While using it suddenly my Google Chrome screen was frozen and none of the controls were working. 214 more words


Challenges of Big Data Systems

When dealing with huge volumes of data that are derived from multiple independent sources. It is a significant undertaking to connect, link, match, clean and transform data across systems. 254 more words

Data Science

Setting up Mysql-JDBC driver in ubuntu

Setting  up Mysql-jdbc driver involved in following steps:

  1. check updates by this command:
    sudo apt-get update
  2. install mysql and mysql secure:
  3. sudo apt-get install mysql mysql-server…
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