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How to upgrade specific package in Ubuntu

In order to upgrade a specific package in Debian-based Linux operating systems, use apt-get install and provide upgrade flag:

# apt-get install –only-upgrade <package_name>


Ditched Windows for Ubuntu!

Yep, finally a HUGE headache and burden of my mind, body and soul. I extended the Ubuntu partition nearly the full drive, leaving only a small Windows recovery partition. 212 more words

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ubuntu 下面较为好用的输入法

我尝试过google pinyin, sogou, scim, 和sunpinyin。 大致谈一下优劣。

scim在我的linux使用史里面占据重要地位。 当年我是从源码到设置一步步搞, 一步步搜索费了九牛二虎之力才装上的, 当时能够在linux输入汉字那实在太满意了。 但是, 最近几年用了ubuntu, 越来越觉得scim很难用, 有时候还莫名其妙死掉, 可能是开发跟不上了吧. 最后不得已, 发现fcitx这个平台可能比ibus好, 里面还有google拼音,就用了几个apt-get命令把scim清除出我的系统了。

google拼音我windows下一直用, 想象中应该同样好用, 可是用了才发现, 不是那么回事。 linux下面google拼音不支持模糊音, 哎, 那个痛苦呀。 我试着google ubuntu下最好用的输入法, 结果有人推荐sogou, 我不是是sogou的粉丝, 但是抱着试试看的心情就把sogou给装了。 7 more words


What rules to use for UFW?

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I’ve decided to enable the UFW that comes with Ubuntu just to make my system even more secure (especially after watching a video of a person whose computer actually got infected!), and I’ve enabled UFW and installed GUFW, but I’m not sure what to do next. 818 more words

Ubuntu 14.04 resolution on VirtualBox

So today I installed Ubuntu 14.04 (64 bits) on VirtualBox and had the unpleasant surprise to see that my Ubuntu resolution was something like 600*400, which of course is not good for anything. 102 more words


My New Asus Running Ubuntu

Everything runs perfectly! In fact better than Windows 10 as my touchpad driver, Asus Smart Gesture, refuses to install there but when dual booting Ubuntu it works fine with zero tinkering! 151 more words

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How to install Pligg CMS on Ubuntu 14.04

Pligg CMS is a free and open source Content Management System (CMS) written in PHP and using the popular open source MySQL database system for content storage. 22 more words