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How do I increase the font size in Dash?

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I am a person with a visual impairment. Pre-Unity versions of Ubuntu allowed you to change all font sizes. Now the Universal Access feature is pretty much useless, as increasing font size to “Large” increases everything but the Application list in the Unity Dash, which is fixed at a size I cannot see. 302 more words

SDN Simulations

Hello all,

I hope to add some tips on SDN emulation here. I assume you’ve already got the VM image with Mininet and/or a controller installed. 246 more words


Michael Tellinger Delivers Petition & Open Letter to Parliament & SARB


Friday, 27 February 2015
Michael Tellinger delivers a petition regarding the unlawful activity of the SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK to representatives of SARB and two senior representatives of the Ministry of Finance, at Parliament in Cape Town, South Africa. 2,037 more words

Can I make my own commands?

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I was wondering whether I could make my own commands as in if I were to type in ‘music’ at the command line, my vlc should open up and start playing my playlist. 110 more words

Are there plans for handwriting recognition?

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This is a big feature when it comes to putting Ubuntu onto tablets. Currently, Netbook edition works great for that purpose and the pen digitiser is perfect, but the handwriting would be a real dealmaker (especially for my business – we could actually move to Linux) to compete with the Windows one. 394 more words


rsync -aPv <sshname>:/var/www/html/<foldername> <destination>


rsync -aPv <ssh>:/var/www/html/{<foldername>, <foldername>, <foldername>} <destination>


<path>ncdu -x


git init

git add .

git commit -m “initial” 86 more words