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Helping a friend

During the past two weeks, I’ve helped my friend to do several things.

Two weeks ago, she asked me to reduce the size of some scanned documents in pdf format to only 50-200 kb, while still being readable. 270 more words


Does linux have a signature system for executables?

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Windows has a signature system which allows you to make sure that an executable hasn’t been modified after it has been signed. 187 more words

Dawn with Devstack

Literally…its 6AM and am up all lost and this happens rarely. (except when you are deep into movie marathon)

Yesterday I decided to take a crack at Devstack. 576 more words


How big should I make my swap partition?

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I’m (re)installing Ubuntu on my Toshiba NB100 netbook (Intel Atom, 120GB HD, 2GB RAM). Already have a partition I call “Stuff” with all my media and docs. 307 more words

How can I install a keylogger software?

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Is there any free keylogger software for Ubuntu. If yes, How can I install it?

Sat Nov 20 15:10:25 AST 2010… 41 more words

Why doesn’t Canonical use pings from the Update Manager to gauge the size of the Ubuntu installbase?

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I’ve heard from many people, Jono Bacon included, that it’s impossible to say how many computers are running Ubuntu since there is nothing in the OS that phones home, and the Ubuntu Census package is only installed on OEM machines sold with Ubuntu. 191 more words