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So .. Microsoft loves Linux ?

Under former CEO Steve Ballmer, years ago, Microsoft tried to squash Linux, saying that it violated Microsoft’s patents and threatening to sue Linux vendors as well as Linux users. 892 more words


Convert multiple .rar files into their respective .pdf's

# convert .rar files into their respective .pdf #
# hence filename1.rar, filename2.rar, …. filenameN.rar convert to filename1.pdf, filename2.pdf, …. filenameN.pdf #
# requires ImageMagick # 49 more words


Extract multiple .rar files into separate folders

# extract filename1.rar, filename2.rar, …. filenameN.rar files in folders named filename1, filename2 …. filenameN respectively #

# applies to both Ubuntu & Mac OS X # 28 more words


Adding any folders to the Files side bar (Ubuntu 14.04)

In most cases, using the terminal to navigate through your files is sufficient in Linux. But there is just no match for a GUI in terms of efficiency. 265 more words


Convert .jpg in "folder" to filename.pdf

# convert .jpg to .pdf #

# requires ImageMagick #

# applies to both Ubuntu & OS X #

# leading zeros are required for proper ordering # 20 more words


Installing Node and NPM on Ubuntu Desktop

In this post I will share how to install Node and NPM.

Note: this post is a part of the series of posts about my experience… 420 more words

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How to Create a Daily Backup Script (Files+PostgreSQL) Using Cron Jobs in Ubuntu

Create ~/.pgpass



sudo chmod 0600 ~/.pgpass

Create the script (~/backup.sh):

now="$(date +'%d-%m-%Y')"
printf "Starting files backup, today %s ------------- \n" "$now"
cd /home/ 74 more words