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Proxy on Ubuntu terminal

Most of people working in college have an internet behind proxy server. We can set proxy using GUI easily in Ubuntu. Here we are going to talk about how to set proxy using terminal. 210 more words


The World of Open Source

Random lady at a party: Apple products are so brilliant!

Me: I hear you. Sadly I don’t use any.

She: You should! They’re so easy to use and have so many features…. 1,013 more words


Installing R kernel for Jupyter

In the past, as Ubuntu/Debian User, rather than using IDEs for working with R, I preferred working with gedit and the integrated terminal to launch the scripts on the fly. 223 more words


Synergy 实现Windows与Linux之间共享一套键鼠


sudo apt-get install synergy









Intel Graphics Gen4 and Newer Now Defaults to Modesetting Driver on X

Earlier this week Debian unstable and Ubuntu Yakkety switched to load the ‘modesetting’ X video driver by default on Intel graphics gen4 and newer. This roughly maps to GPU’s made since 2007 (965GM->). 254 more words


I Am Because You Are

Like many others, I have been taking in the last few weeks with so many things I wanted to say but lacking the words. Though I still don’t have the words and probably never will, I know that staying silent about issues that matter is the fuel that allows injustice to perpetuate unchallenged. 1,075 more words

Number 1 Post!

Greetings, fellow earthlings on the Internet!

The content in this post is pretty clear if you see the title. It’s the first post on a brand new blog! 166 more words