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How to Automatically Start XAMPP for a Standard User in Ubuntu

In Ubuntu, XAMPP will not auto start on boot or reboot in usual Installation. We should manually enter the command to start the XAMPP as SUDO user. 311 more words

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The - Fu*K

Just an interesting program , admin – appreciate.

Magnificent app which corrects your previous console command, inspired by a @liamosaur tweet.

Few more examples: 1,674 more words

Auto Correct

Installing R package gputools and cuda 8.0 on Ubuntu 16.04

This is a quick tutorial of how to install the R package ‘gputools’ version 1.1 using R version 3.3.2 (2016-10-31) and cuda 8.0 on Ubuntu 16.04. 599 more words

Kinect and PCL on Raspberry Pi 3

In my previous blog post I described how to connect a OPT8241 depth camera from Texas Instruments to a Raspberry Pi 3 and run Point Cloud Library… 471 more words


The Ultimate Dissension

Friendly conversation

Unfriendly results

Pushing on with dismal assaults

It’s a bad look

With bad intention

Negative interations

The ultimate dissension


ChaletOS - eingedeutscht & auf russisch

ChaletOS erklärt, von einem Pharmer deutscher Provenienz (daher wie “Schh’aaledOS” gesprochen) und der Empfehlung, den “Steiltscheenscher” etwas zu verbessern, da er noch etwas “ 30 more words


Ubuntu, How Art You Today?

Gegara kehilangan leptop di suatu hari yang naas, saya tak lagi tahu perkembangan dunia open source belakangan. Saat punya leptop juga sebenarnya saya tetap kurang tahu tentang dunia open source, tapi setidaknya saya bisa menjadi pengguna. 978 more words

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