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Newer adb for Ubuntu, with sideloading

Android debugging tool ADB has ‘new‘ feature called sideload, which is in use on Android devices, but not all versions of host toolset. 431 more words


Enhancing the Nautilus search option

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In Nautilus if I press CTRL+F inside a folder I get a search box that helps me search in the current directory and sub directories for specific names and types of files, but what if I want to: 251 more words

How do I delete totem’s history?

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How do I delete totem’s history displayed in it’s main menu in Natty? For example if I don’t want anyone to know I’m watching… ehem Simpsons a lot? 158 more words

The Ubuntu Philosophy: I AM, BECAUSE WE ARE

“Nelson Mandela said often that the gift of prison was the ability to go within and to think, to create within himself the things he most wanted for South Africa: peace, reconciliation, harmony. 25 more words

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Recursive HTML to PDF

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I have a folder with this structure:


with many sub folder and only html files… i want to convert all them to pdf using only one command or a simple script that doesn’t require all file names. 67 more words

Accessing IE only sites

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Still there are companies who believe Windows is the only OS and IE is the only browser around. This prompts them to make sites which can be accessed only in IE. 254 more words

HHVM – An Open Source PHP Virtual Machine Developed By Facebook

HHVM, stands for HipHop Virtual Machine, is an open source virtual machine developed by Facebook development team. It is designed for executing massive amount of codes written in… 1,440 more words