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Let's encrypt


Get Certbot the linux client.

I recommend installing it in:


Create an alias for it:

alias certbot-auto='/opt/certbot-auto'

Refresh bash:

. ~/.bash_profile


Allow HTTPS to your server: 80 more words


Mobile Application Development – Lecture Notes for Week 5 (9/26/2016)

This week we’ll be covering,

  • Review of Quiz 4 (will be given at the start of class)
  • The Different Components of a Mobile Application
    • Front-End…
  • 681 more words
Computer Science

Ubuntu: Updating to kernel 4.7, firmware troubles

I’ve been involved with ubuntu since 7.04 Feisty Fawn, guided by a local non-profit called Free Geek (Check’em out!). I had my first taste of linux when I went through their beginning computer program, building a box out of AMD64 and older machines. 680 more words


Ubuntu on Asus R558U

I had to mess around for some time to figure out how to get Ubuntu 16.04 to work well, in Asus R558U. Had to mess with some GRUB parameters, and display config file, to get it on track. 296 more words


Ubuntu - A movement you need to know about

What if you could live in a world where there was no money. You know, that piece of paper that has enslaved all of us and changed our lives from one of joy, creativity and abundance to stress, fear and worry?   206 more words

Spirituality And Metaphysics


Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

America, it seems, is becoming more accepting of racial differences and less tolerant of religious differences. 122 more words


How I recovered from a "login loop" on Lubuntu 16.04

I did this on a laptop running Lubuntu 16.04.1. This should work on any Linux system though…

A login loop is when you attempt to login to a Linux based OS, when when you go to login it just loops back to the same login screen, It can be absolutely annoying and some cases are worse then others. 391 more words

Boot Loop