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Ubuntu 16.04 Internet (Ethernet / LAN) is not working


— In Network >> Settings, no option to connect to Wired Connection. (Option itself is not displaying)
lshw -C network command returns… 228 more words


Video to Gif Command Line Conversion

This is really just a side note for myself. I tend to do something only once in a blue moon, and then consequently forget how to do that again later. 756 more words


How To: Login as the www-data user

Sometimes you need to test as the Apache www-data user.

For example – the Apache www-data user is used by a PHP script to run shell commands via the shell_exec or exec methods. 77 more words

Solved: Stop Suspend

My goal was simple! Take an old unused laptop, install Ubuntu 18.x server on it and do a couple of tests.

Unfortunately Ubuntu server would suspend the moment I closed the lid! 82 more words

Solved: cannot lock /etc/passwd; try again later

I encountered a “cannot lock /etc/passwd; try again later” issue whilst trying to create a new user on my Ubuntu 18.x server.

The root cause eludes me, but I did find that the following helped to resolve the issue. 60 more words

Linux TCP Tuning

The aim of this post is to point out potential kernel tunables that might improve network performance in certain scenarios. As with any other post on the subject, make sure you test before and after you make an adjustment to have a measurable, quantitative result. 2,006 more words


Install Terraform in Ubuntu

Steps to Install Terraform in Ubuntu:

The below steps are tried and tested with version – Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

1.  Install unzip, if it is not already installed – 46 more words