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A PDF viewer supporting SyncTeX for Gnome

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I am looking for a PDF viewer for working with LaTeX and SyncTeX (forward and inverse search) under Gnome. I know from previous questions in various forums that Okular has this feature, but I prefer not to drag KDE dependencies just for this. 614 more words

How will the launcher/button work on a touch panel?

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I’m not sure if Unity has a design problem. If the Launcher is hidden you can bring it to front by moving the mouse over the home button or hit the Super Key. 140 more words

How to configure MAAS to be able to boot virtual machines

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I am running a virtual (kvm) MAAS/juju setup where most of the MAAS nodes (including MAAS master) are virtual, but some are also physical nodes. 384 more words

Windows style three-finger-salute on *buntu

Difficulty level: almost too easy

CTRL+ALT+DELETE is maybe one of the most hated keyboard shortcuts on Windows (home user) systems. On *buntu systems (GNOME based systems) it just displays the logout/shutdown/hibernate dialog, which is not very helpful. 170 more words

Beginner Level

“The most dangerous Militant groups in Africa are Boko Haram, Al Shabaab and South Africans."

The taste of tear gas caught at the back of your throat riddled with the curdled cries of defenceless families. Black bodies set alight and strewn on the street at the whim of South Africans, has been the scene set in Durban in the past couple of weeks. 783 more words

Can I make new nautilus create tabs, instead of making new windows?

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When I connect my external drive, which has 4 partition, it opens 4 nautilus windows. When I connect a pen-drive, it opens another one for that. 111 more words