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How do I find out which version and derivative of Ubuntu is right for my hardware in terms of minimal system requirements?

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For a given hardware configuration, how do I find out if Ubuntu will run on it? What considerations should I take into account when choosing an Ubuntu version and… 179 more words

What I hate about Unity 7 and hope will be getting fixed with Unity 8

This article talks about some facts I don’t like about Unity 7 and may be total  subjective.

What I currently hate about the Ubuntu Unity desktop environment (DE) is the current status of indicators and what you can do with them. 518 more words


Lubuntu nm-applet wifi icon missing [duplicate]

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This question already has an answer here:

I have a Lubuntu (now 14.04) installation. 211 more words

Command for determining my public IP?

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If I check with google, I can see my public IP. Is there something on the Ubuntu command-line which will yield me the same answer? 349 more words

loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory?

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I’m running Ubuntu 14.04 Server with a LAMP stack, Samba, and FTP, no GUI, just SSHing into the server and working on it. 175 more words

How do I restore Déjà Dup backups without Déjà Dup?

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So I’m trying to restore my backup files with Déjà Dup, however, each time I enter in the correct password, it keeps asking for it over and over again. 107 more words

Ubuntu 14.04 desktop: How to disable guest access, hide users and login with username and password

First, we need to edit a file:

cd /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/
sudo pico 50-ubuntu.conf

Then we add the following three lines:


Save and exit. 28 more words