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#Ubuntu Linux: Popular Linux OS Ubuntu's forums hacked, over 2 million user credentials leaked

Popular Derbian-based Linux operating system (OS) Ubuntu’s user forums have been hacked with over two million user details stolen that includes usernames, email addresses, and IP addresses. 104 more words


#Ubuntu Linux: Ubuntu Linux forums hacked!

There is a common misconception that all things Linux are bulletproof. The fact is, no software is infallible. When news of a Linux vulnerability hits, some Windows and Mac fans like to taunt users of the open source kernel. 178 more words


How to install Atom editor in Ubuntu Mate

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/atom
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install atom

Split terminal windows using tmux

tmux is a terminal multiplexer. It allows you to access a tmux terminal using multiple virtual terminals.
tmux takes advantage of a client-server model, which allows you to attach terminals to a tmux session. 272 more words

Travis CI: This version of node/NAN/v8 requires a C++11 compiler

Upon deploying your node.js app using Travis CI you may encountered a build error that says “This version of node/NAN/v8 requires a C++11 compiler” it means that the current compiler is not capable to build to some node modules like json or time. 319 more words

Linux: Using curl

curl -u johndoe:passwo0t https://myapp.com

Using Base64 Authentication Header
curl -X GET https://myapp.com \
-H "Authorization: Basic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=="

Linux: Basic usage of rsync, scp, tar

Copy from local file to remote server using rsync

$ rsync -av -P myapp.tar.gz martian@202.x.x.x:~  #Assuming this server was set to DISALLOW PASSWORD Login
$ rsync -r -v --progress -e ssh user@remote-system:/address/to/remote/file /home/user/
... 29 more words