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GitHub : A Practical Approach

GitHub is a web-based GIT repo for version control system. This tutorial is for the beginners, who are about to use git / github.

GitHub is mostly like an social media, where you can build your profile, upload projects, share it and connect with other users by  following their accounts, contributing to other project by forking it, adding features and commit it back to original source and so on. 1,348 more words


MyScratchNotes: Screencasting Linux on #Chromebook

Next week, we’ll be giving out laptops–considered obsolete in school settings, but that work fine with a copy of LubuntuLinux running on them–to students. After giving a quick tour of Lubuntu on the laptops, I suddenly had 6 “how to” videos to create. 737 more words


Setting Up Raspberry Pi with Wifi and a Static IP on a Hidden SSID

There are a lot of posts out there on this topic but unfortunately they all contain incorrect information and don’t work. After several hours and much head banging I finally got it. 672 more words


Enabling HTML5 MP3 Playback in Firefox 30 and Above

The other day I was trying to play a track on Soundcloud and it wasn’t playing. Soundcloud switched to an HTML5 player instead of Flash quite a while ago. 99 more words


Database Magic on the GNU/Linux Desktop

Is your preferred desktop GNU/Linux? If it is, then you may be as excited as I to discover Kexi, a database program that works on GNU/Linux distributions (e.g. 446 more words