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Get with the times!

While on my way to catch a train out of the city, my tram was delayed.

A few minutes later I saw there was a rally going on in the middle of Melbourne, at the State Victoria Library. 187 more words

UC Merced Is The Latest University Trying To Ruin Greek Life With Bullcrap Political Correctness

This upcoming rush season at UC Merced, the University has sent out instructions forbidding students involved in Greek life from using the word “Greek” in their recruitments. 219 more words


Spring Break! 

It’s fall semester and I’m ready for Spring Break, and lucky for me, it has arrived!

Because Australia is on the Southern Hemisphere and the United States in on the Northern, the seasons are flipped. 83 more words

Eerste weken als PhD student

Ik zat net verveeld een beetje door Pinterest heen te scrollen toen ik me bedacht dat het misschien leuk zou zijn om weer een update te schrijven op dit blog (ik HAAT dat we in Nederland hebben bedacht dat “dit blog” correct is…). 628 more words


New Beginnings..


My name is Christian Gutierrez and I am a third year political science major at the University of California, Merced. A few months ago I made the decision to study abroad in the one the most diverse cities in the world, London, England. 170 more words

The Land Down Under

There are many things about Australia that would make people easily put Australia at the bottom of their study abroad list.

Number one would have to be,  Australia is home to some of the worlds  211 more words

Study Abroad


Hello there! My name is Brenda, I am a fourth-year student at UC Merced who will hop on a plane for 19 hours, to study in another country for the fall, in less than a week! 150 more words