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There is no left and right here. Only right and wrong.

I was a member of the Air Cadets for over a decade. A big part of the cadet and military service is learning about leadership. As I recall, leadership was defined as motivating others to do what you want them to do. 712 more words

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Political outrage for the sake of outrage is so tiring

Today as an Alberta Party communications person I had a pretty solid day. We were able to hold an opposition member to account for unethical behaviour and drove a large part of the conversation throughout both Alberta and the country on MLA expenses and double dipping. 333 more words

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Why aren't other Alberta political leaders going after the #Fildepocket scandal?

Derek Fildebrandt has arguably been the most newsworthy Albertan of the past 24 hours. The revelation that he has been subletting his luxury, taxpayer-funded, downtown Edmonton apartment while claiming the maximum allowable (of nearly $2000 a month) has rightfully incensed the general public. 346 more words

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The Summer Round Up!

In this special summer episode, The Broadcast is pleased to welcome political commentator Mariam Ibrahim and Metro columnist Danielle Paradis as guest hosts. Mariam and Danielle bring their sharp political observations to a grab-bag of topics that people who care about women and politics will be paying attention to. 163 more words

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No one is taking back Alberta, it's been here all along

Principled leadership and experience will be paramount in the fight to take back Alberta. That’s why I’m with @jkenney #medhat #ableg https://t.co/pgw1Wj7Ztw

— Drew Barnes MLA (@DrewBarnesMLA) …

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Are YOU an Ordinary Albertan?

There’s a concerning tagline that is popping up in discourse among the right wing movement in Alberta the past week; Ordinary Albertans.

We all remember the federal election campaign of the CPC in 2015 that went terribly off the tracks with talk of barbaric cultural practices, and appeals to  274 more words

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Why GSAs matter and why Alberta's right has it wrong

Jason Kenney has stepped into the GSA controversy in Alberta again, and is predictably facing another backlash. He just doesn’t seem to be able to restrain himself when it comes to his desire to out kids. 920 more words

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