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UCSB Soccer Defeats Cal Poly in Anticipated Blue-Green Rivalry

The scoreboard reads 2-0 in the Blue-Green Rivalry soccer game, and UCSB has just triumphed over Cal Poly. The night air is familiarly warm in Isla Vista. 494 more words



I want to talk about a fascinating discovery I’ve made. Actually it’s something I discovered long ago, but I kind of just pushed it aside. Anyways. 584 more words


Back from Goleta

Yesterday I came back from a weekend trip down to UCSB to see my son perform in a play.

Originally, I was going to stay in a bedroom in Goleta that I reserved through AirBnB, but the host cancelled at the last moment (Thursday, when I was taking Amtrak down on Friday).  836 more words

Computing the spirit of place

This is a talk that I gave at University of California, Santa Barbara in 2014. The core idea was (and still is) to harness spatial user-generated content, big data, et similia to characterise places at a large scale.


Goal Setting

Hi guys, today I want to talk about the significance of having a purpose statement and goal setting. Not a lot of people know exactly what they want to do with their lives, myself included. 408 more words



Today, I wanted to share an area of my life that I believe needs the most work. So I’m trying to become a yoga sculpt teacher for the remainder of my time at UCSB. 507 more words



So I asked some of my friends for feedback on my first post. The biggest criticism was that my lack of seriousness would lead to low credibility. 420 more words