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How To Balance Collaboration and Privacy

Collaboration and Privacy: Have there ever been two words so diametrically opposed? In terms of modern office design, the answer is a resounding no… 450 more words

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Questions To Ponder When Branding Your Workplace

The golden arches, an apple and the swoosh — these symbols reflect strong, instantly recognizable brands. But the power of any brand lies beyond the symbol. 565 more words

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Making Going to Work Fun

With cloud technology and an abundance of wireless devices, it’s often easy for many employees to work remotely. But entrepreneurs and founders also know that collaboration is most productive during face-to-face interactions. 736 more words

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Buying New Office Furniture? Here's What You Need to Know

You can’t start a business without office furniture. Whether you’re building a home office or leasing a commercial space, you’ll need a comfortable chair, sturdy desk and good lighting to maximize productivity and stay focused. 717 more words

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Edmund Kemper

Everyone has been learning more about Serial Killer Edmund Kemper because of the show MindHunters. He was a serial killer in Santa Cruz, California in the 60’s and 70’s. 249 more words


Talking About What it Takes to Become a Researcher

This week was all about what it takes to be a researcher in the an academic setting. From sub-atomic particles to galactic bodies, research is constantly undergoing and evolving. 190 more words



Just this weekend I took a small trip to some Northern California cities and it was a really beautiful and scenic place. My mom and I decided to drive up the coast this weekend so that we could see these cities and more specifically look at some of the Universities up in that area. 564 more words