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CLICS Destruction

CLICS is officially closed and shut down.

There is a giant chain-link fence bolted in to the front door, and the side doors are securely locked. 92 more words


Chancellor Fox's "Response" to the March 1st Demands

Dear Public Education Coalition:

We appreciate your initiative to organize activities on March 1 in support of public education in California. We support events that draw attention to the increasing challenges our University community faces because of the erosion of state funding, and we fully agree with the call for California to once again support the California Master Plan of Education as an integral facet of economic stability for our state’s families. 192 more words


Open Letter to AVP Athletic Relations

[This letter was sent to Aurora Lopez, AVP Athletic Relations, on February 26th. It is intended to address the entire athletic community.]

Dear Aurora, 366 more words


AS Resolution Endorsing March 1st

[This resolution was passed by AS on Wednesday February 8th]

Resolution to Endorse the March 1, 2012 Day of Action

WHEREAS, The California Master Plan for Higher Education called for a… 473 more words


CLICS Clarifications to Guardian

[This letter was published by the UCSD Guardian available here: http://www.ucsdguardian.org/opinion/item/25318-editorials-should-support-student-orgs]

Dear Editors,

Our primary goal is to defend public education by engaging and empowering students. 264 more words


D-1 Con Statement (Footnoted)

[This statement was submitted to AS to appear on the ballot for the special election occurring between February 27th and March 9th. Footnotes have been added for the skeptical or curious. 579 more words


Publication: Report on the Profitability of Education

The “Report on the Profitability of Education and the Exploitability of Students” was compiled by two UCSD students, based on the ‘Teach the Budget’ curriculum developed by graduate students at UCSC. 61 more words