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Crucial Neural Circuits Underlying Memory Consolidation

Memory has fascinated human beings for a long time. The French philosopher Rene Descartes described memory as an imprint made in the brain by external experience. 688 more words


Dual sport athlete at UCSD follows in dad's footsteps

SAN DIEGO — Ciara Franke grew up in La Jolla and has spent a lot of time competing in the pool. At UCSD, the freshman is on both the swim and water polo teams, following in the footsteps of her dad. 412 more words


Triton Day Experience

On Saturday, April 14 of 2018, I volunteered for UC San Diego’s annual Triton Day event where admitted students can come to learn more about the campus. 232 more words

Produce A Narrative

Rant on Chinese fobs

For every quarter this year, I've had at least one class where Chinese fobs save multiple seats for their friends only for them to come in late or not show up at all. 199 more words


Troy sending record number of cheaters to UCSD

LA JOLLA — As some editors of Troy Elcaro are heading to college, few investigators found that 2018 marks the year of record breaking amount of cheaters, especially in UCSD which the number beat the previous record by 200%. 278 more words


Paul Doan sets new UCSD record in track and field

SAN DIEGO – San Diego native and UCSD student Paul Doan discovered track and field by accident.

Doan needed extra physical education credits and gave the sport a shot, but little did he know just how fast his legs could go and how many records he’d break along the way. 312 more words


Grammar Lab - UCSD Copyediting: Initial Thoughts

If you are looking to take the University of California – San Diego’s Copyediting Certificate program, your first required course will be Grammar Lab. It can be taken simultaneously with the second course, Copyediting I. 668 more words