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Michael Phelps responds to 'haters' over Shark Week race

Shark Week fans were disappointed when they tuned in for Michael Phelps’ race against a Great White Shark on Sunday and found he wasn’t actually swimming side by side with the king of the ocean. 401 more words


Colossus Static Firing System

The Students of SEDS UCSD have been hard at work lately putting together their Colossus Static Firing System.

The static engine test stand mounted to a car trailer will be capable of testing engines up to 5000lbf of thrust at 1350psi, with cryogenic capability on both the fuel and oxidiser side. 81 more words


Watch Michael Phelps race a great white shark

You’ve heard the hype: 28-time Olympic medalist Michael Phelps versus 0-time Olympic medalist great white shark. Who is faster?

Well, the answer is unequivocally the Great White Shark, as Phelps’ top speed in a pool is just more than 5 miles an hour and great whites can swim up to 25 mph. 439 more words


Shark Week: Watch Michael Phelps prepare to race a great white

In the name of Shark Week, Michael Phelps will dive back into the water and take on his most fearsome opponent to date: a great white. 224 more words


San Diego - Day 1 and 2

It is somewhat late, but in this last section of my undergraduate life I decided to go to a school-organized trip to California, United States. The subject matter is to understand the various types of scientific research they do over, in particular in Scripps Institution of Oceanography in UC San Diego (UCSD) and LIGO (Laser Interferometry Gravitational Wave Observatory) laboratory in California Institute of Technology (Caltech). 728 more words


Michael Phelps on racing a Great White during Shark Week: 'Sure, why not?'

To kick off the 29th edition of Shark Week, Discovery will cut to the chase. And that chase is Michael Phelps racing a great white shark! 1,661 more words