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Astrophysics Professional Interview

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Tell us about your work

It’s Wednesday night, and Aishwarya Iyer is excited to begin her night shift at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena. 762 more words


Rant (AWP)

Was anyone ever in AWP? I need to take it in order to satisfy my DOC but it turns out the more I try my best in this fucking class the dumber I seem in writing my papers. 145 more words


TA Evaluations @ UCSD

Here, I upload my TA evaluations; I will update new evaluations every quarter hopefully.

Academic Year ’16 ~ ’17

Lee_Sung_Student_IA_Evaluation_-_MATH_20B – FA16

Lee_Sung_Student_IA_Evaluation_-_MATH_20C – WI17… 26 more words


Meeting the Sun Gods

Last Sunday, Trojan Archery made the trek down to San Diego to meet with the Sun God of USCD; joint practice ensued and everyone had a good time (and tan; because what even… 67 more words

UCSD is the worst schools I have ever been to.

Transferred from the east coast from a nice university there. This university is terrible.

I met a senior the other day and I actually made a friend here by shit talking this place a lot. 63 more words


Anybody here having trouble using the new Centos in the CSE Lab after it was upgraded?

Just a small rant of mine:

  1. Can't create shortcut of any application on the desktop either with drag and drop or right click. Have to go to /usr/share/application to copy them manually.
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