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UCT's biggest event ever? Well...it involves the Queen!

As the club events coordinator, someone asked me the other day, what’s the biggest, as in most stately/important, event ever held at the club? Well, it involves an 80th birthday, the Queen and the 3rd Governor General of Canada! 172 more words


Golf Tips from our new affiliate club LGCT - Video!

UCT members have exclusive access to the Ladies Golf Club of Toronto. Check out the video below for some putting tips and make your tee time today! 9 more words


Mirror, mirror. Lost and Found Part 1

While walking down the fire escape the other day (sometimes I do this to find easels…where do they go!! and to make sure nothing’s blocking it like banquet chairs) I got to the bottom of the stairs and there, poking out of old rolled up carpets and under 2 inches of dust I saw some beautiful gold spindles. 180 more words



I graduated on the 14th of June and it was a wonderful experience. I completed my degree in Business Science Organisational Psychology. It’s an honours degree, so there is no under-graduate graduation, thus the ceremony on 14 June was incredibly special. 227 more words

Cape Town

Weekly Press Review - 8 July 2016

The SA Agulhas II is back in the headlines this week with a group of post-graduate students from 15 universities across South Africa joining the crew of the research vessel. 175 more words

Weekly Press Review

“Love” and “Reconciliation” the hypocritical revisionist musings of a UCT Law Dean

“Love” and “Reconciliation” the hypocritical revisionist musings of a UCT Law Dean

As a student at the University of Cape Town who was involved in the protests of the 2015/16 period I feel somewhat compelled to respond to the arguments put forward by our Dean of Law, Penelope Andrews, to participate in the debate she and others claim to want but consistently fail to further ( 1,712 more words

My Soap Box Dialogue To Society

UCT member to remember...Major Duke West

Duke West, an infamous club member, in my mind at least, and part of a small group of bachelors that lived on the club’s bedroom floor. 324 more words