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Secrecy around a sexual assault in res

Last year during O-week, I was a first year, I came back to a UCT residence at around 2 in the morning from a night out. 625 more words


My evil twin and I (HTML draft)

Part two of the evil twin assignment is here!

Now that the profile drafts have been written, it’s time to start marking them up in HTML. 216 more words


Match 5: Smuts Hall Grudge Match

Mavericks faced a dogged battle on Sunday afternoon with a gritty Smuts Hall

The Forries Mavericks took on a determined Smuts team in this weekends pen-ultimate league match. 1,278 more words


My evil twin and I (draft)

Alright, the term ‘evil’ is a bit harsh. I prefer to view Alex as my alter ego, dark and mysterious.

The first assignment for my production is course is to create a page, with profiles of myself and my evil twin (who I have created). 669 more words


Book Four

I’m ready to make this public knowledge.

I’m going back to school!

The process of deciding to look and eventually applying to this program dates back farther than most realize. 719 more words

'Keep Calm and Career On': Not applicable to International Humanities students

The Careers Expo at UCT today was beyond overwhelming. As a holder of a Media ad Film Studies degree, currently working towards a Honours degree in Film Studies, I thought I would actually have a great time at this expo. 445 more words


Retroid Rambling

So there was the Retroid Komponent – of the¬†View From the North Kollectiv, aka Those From North of Jammie Steps; do keep up? – walking at dawn down University Avenue, towards South of Jammie Steps (SoJS here forward), something he… 275 more words