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No Longer Watching Over Heath or Man

At the end of March, a furore erupted around the statue of Cecil John Rhodes (1853–1902) that has been a landmark at the University of Cape Town (UCT). 2,008 more words

STA1000 Summary/Notes (Introductory Statistics)

Here is a summary for the Stats 1000 course at UCT:

STA1000F Summary

Latex source is also available at: https://github.com/mitchmyburgh/sta1000-summary so feel free to edit it!



Cover Story: Removal of UCT Rhode's Statue

The aftermath of the Rhodes controversy still continues to accumulate in many UCT students’ minds today. On 9 April 2015, the Cecil John Rhodes statue at UCT was removed due to the high demand by UCT students. 940 more words

Cecil John Rhodes: Shadows and Graffitied phrases.

 Everyone has a different reason for seeing it. A message on their phone, forcing them to look down. A friend dropping something. A hot guy sitting alongside it. 788 more words


Verbalizing Fears: How does Language Anxiety affect students in academic and social environments?

It’s Monday morning and I’m in my 8 am lecture. The class is eerily quiet. I hear the tips of pens being aimlessly scribbled on blank pages while I scan the faces of my fellow students. 932 more words

The Homeless and The Having

“#Studentlife” has become the “Amandla” of the student, a rallying cry in the movement of selfishness, an empowering statement that allows a student to empathetically utter an “I’m sorry, I have nothing” to a homeless person and then stroll into the nearest shopping centre to spend their allowance. 814 more words

Philosophizing About Education with Larry Bloom

Remember when I deviated a little bit from our structure about a month ago? It wasn’t so bad, right? Well I hope not, because I did it again. 873 more words