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UCT on Urban Slang

It is no secret that slang makes up a large majority of the words used by the urban youth all around the world, even in South Africa. 802 more words


“They must f***cking change”- Survivors’ Stories of Survival

On Thursday 17th of March, the UCT Survivor support group hosted a meeting outside the Bremner Building, regarding matters surrounding sexual violence on campus.

According to the Facebook event “RapeAtUCT,” the meeting was purposed with demanding that UCT take responsibility for the failure of the Discrimination and Harassment Office in assisting the UCT community in matters of discrimination, sexual harassment, domestic violence and rape. 511 more words


Comic Relief

It’s one of those weird autumn days when it feels like summer just might be making a definite comeback. The sun is overhead and the air saturated. 851 more words

Is community radio more reliable than commercial radio in reporting local matters?

Valuable portraits belonging to the University of Cape Town (UCT) have been unlawfully removed and burned, and the responsible suspects are none other than the #RhodesMustFall movement! 696 more words


How well do you know your South African slang?

“Awe bruh, I’ll check you and your bint later at the jol!”

Not many non-South African individuals would understand that the above sentence means that a guy is telling his friend he will see him and his girlfriend later at a party. 791 more words


University of Cape Town censors art

My old university, UCT, is engaged in renaming its existing buildings – apparently to remove any possible offense.

Now they have begun removing art; after some works were burnt by protesters. 642 more words


Disability and Sexual Assault

After an accident on UCT premises for which the department was responsible, I found out about the DU (Disability Unit) who informed me of my rights. 765 more words