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Positive thinking without action is futile

I believe strongly in the power of positive thinking, but I also know that it is not practical advice. To achieve a positive outcome in life, one needs to act. 770 more words

Sagarmatha & Survé: yet more questions

One of the losers in the failed flotation on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE) of Sagarmatha Technologies is 3 Laws Capital, the investment management company that was set to pick up more than R52 million in placement fees had the listing gone ahead. 382 more words



“It just feels like an uncomfortable room that doesn’t have a clear purpose” – Survey Respondent

If you were to walk into the entrance hall of the Otto Beit building at the University of Cape Town today, in April 2018, you would find a fairly unassuming room.

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To begin to understand the absence of Richard Keresemose Baholo’s artwork we need to look back at certain events. In fact, this story goes back a very long time, to the beginning of British colonialism, “the establishment of the Cape colony” in South Africa, and the embedding of a segregated schooling system in which schools acted as spaces for the “socialisation” of enslaved and colonial children, and their “respective roles within the colony” … 81 more words


Roughly one year after #RhodesMustFall, a group of students closely associated with #RhodesMustFall initiated the #Shackville protests, the name having “an overt intertextual reference to the Sharpeville massacre” … 315 more words

History of the Art Removals

“[W]hile total removal of a[n] work associated with ideologies that have fallen from favor raises a host of difficulties, it is surely also highly problematical to continue to exhibit and display such an object without critical mediation or contextual explanation of it.

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Defining Absence, Dematerialisation, and Discontinuity

In considering the Baholo art collection as a feature of the evolving cultural topography on campus, it is useful to consider the artworks from a few key perspectives. 1,260 more words