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An encounter with blatant plagiarism

Ok, I know – it’s the Internet.  We have public repositories, open source code, free tutorials, and jQuery plugins that are a dime a dozen. It would come as no surprise that people – beginners, experienced engineers, students, non-techy people – download and use others’ code without permission, without credit every single day on the world wide web. 406 more words


How to find a Data Analyst Job?

Depending on your background, here are paths to your first data analyst job. http://buff.ly/1BELyhl  via @udacity


Learning JavaScript? Explore Here

JavaScript is an object scripting language used in web pages along with markup language HTML. The language is developed by Sun Microsystems and is very popular and adopted universally by every web browser for its support which allows dynamic content to get execute in a webpage.  484 more words


How Udacity Gives employees the hands-on training to become the disruptive force

Nanodegree programs

Empower employees to thrive in new and bigger roles.

  • Guided curriculum focuses on specific job competencies
  • Students build project portfolios with coach and peer support…
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Object Oriented JavaScript

This is from an online course from Udacity called Object Oriented JavaScript. (There are arguments saying that JS is not a true OOP language, but do give… 440 more words