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Vehicle Detection and Tracking

In this vehicle detection and tracking project, we detect in a video pipeline, potential boxes, via a sliding window, that may contain a vehicle by using a Support Vector Machine Classifier for prediction to create a heat map. 1,075 more words

Lane Detection for Self-Driving Cars

As part of the Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree from Udacity, my first project was to write code that identifies lane lines on a video feed. 29 more words

Welcome, driveting world of self driving cars!

Hello there, curious reader. I am a Software Developer living in Cambridge (UK) who got to know about the self driving car engineer course at Udacity through a newsapp a few months ago. 201 more words


Project 1: Predict Bike Share Usage

I planned on writing more about the learning videos and material. However, there was much more content and work to cover prior to the first project due date than I anticipated. 76 more words


Advanced Lane Detection

In this Advanced Lane Detection project, we apply computer vision techniques to augment video output with a detected road lane, road radius curvature and road centre offset. 1,708 more words


Choosing the right coding Bootcamp

The job market for developers is growing faster than ever and there is an ever increasing gap between the number of open software jobs and the number of developers in the market. 316 more words

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