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Udacity's Intro to Computer Science Course: Getting Started


Course goals:
-Learn how to solve problems by breaking them into smaller pieces
-Learn how to read and write programs
-Make the science behind the search engine more understandable… 419 more words


The earnest foray into learning how to program

I dabbled with HTML back in 2007-ish, barely dipped the surface of Python in the summer of 2014, and have been enrolled in university courses for C and Java since then. 407 more words


# 3 - Popular Movies - Fragments and utility code

The boilerplate code we currently have is technically fine for the project, however, the use of Fragments can be a worthwhile addition. For example, if you need to implement code across different device types, e.g. 1,688 more words


# 2 – Popular Movies - The basics

Each project on the Udacity course has a rubric that provides the key requirements that your application will need to fulfill in order to be given a pass mark. 437 more words

No prior programming experience is required – Really?

MOOCs programming teachers don’t like to teach basics of programming. This is my conclusion after participating in a few programming online courses for beginners. 703 more words


#1 - Popular Movies - How to begin

So the first thing we need to do is begin reading the Popular Movies application implementation guide. The implementation guide is pretty bare bones as it wants you (the developer) to work through the key points. 495 more words


An insight into my Web Development Learning Path

In my previous post I talked about how I should have a plan to effectively develop my skills as a web developer. In my opinion, this is necessary for any aspiring web developer as a lack of a solid learning path can result in you going down endless rabbit holes and end up in lot of confusion. 811 more words