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[Lecture Notes] Git 사용법 | How to Use Git and GitHub Part 3

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이 강의록은 강의의 일부분으로 github 계정에서 찾아보실 수 있습니다

>> https://github.com/nicholaskim94/reflections


#Udacity Course on GIT 
#Nicholas Kim 2015

>>git remote add origin git@github.com ~~~
>>git remote -v
>>git push orgin master

When you are not working in your local repository or would like to work on a certian project with other contributers. 384 more words

[Lecture Notes] Git 사용법 | How to Use Git and GitHub Part 2

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#Udacity Course on GIT 
#Nicholas Kim 2015

When you initialize a repository, a .git appears in your repository and git is ready t use. 345 more words

CheapSheet - Udacity Project 5

I just submitted my neighborhood map for Udacity’s Project 5 – CheapSheet – I wanted to make something more practical and functional so I incorporated the Groupon API with Google Maps. 634 more words


MOOCs and Lifelong Learning

I’ve been excited about MOOCs ever since I first heard about them a couple of years back, when Coursera started offering free courses on ML, Databases and two other subjects(I don’t remember which, but I think one of them was HCI?). 743 more words

Udacity - How to use git and github

Platform : Udacity

Provider/University :

Course : How to use git and github 

Instr. : Caroline Buckey , Sarah Spikes

Difficulty : Medium

Hours Needed : 1-3 Weeks… 1,116 more words



I sometimes get perplexed, why is it I decide to check out facebook or other social media outlets (like blogging, blah) instead of training? I came to the realization that I need focus and more than a 10 minute outlet to kick start the left side of brain. 330 more words


MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

Massive Open Online Courses, abbreviated MOOCs, have become increasingly popular. Hundreds of thousands of people have signed up to take these free lectures, which are taught by some of the most accomplished professors in the field. 213 more words