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Bootstrap No More

I once read that you can never really call yourself a web developer if you’re using Bootstrap. I’m pretty sure people have a mixed opinion on this, mainly because Bootstrap makes responsive, mobile-first development much easier and time-saving. 347 more words


In-Debt Education

This subject is one that does not affect the Greek reality (In greece undergraduate & graduate studies are free as we consider education an essential commodity like food and water, untill now at least) but still it is very close to my heart. 342 more words


How to get started with R

I often get asked how to get started with learning R if there is not currently a class offered. Here is what I recommend:

1. Start with a free online Code School tutorial… 451 more words

Process to learn R-programming language

My first stop was Coursera. I signed up for the following course by Johns Hopkins University:


Although the liked the course as an introduction. I found it very difficult to follow as there is a lot of talking and then trying the exercises. 284 more words


Google's New Deep Learning MOOC Using TensorFlow

Deep learning became a hot topic in machine learning in the last 3-4 years (see inset below) and recently, Google released TensorFlow (a Python based deep learning toolkit) as an… 141 more words


Hello World

“Hello World”, is the first word they teach us to print on any programming language we are trying to learn.   But for me this time it just means Hello to anyone who is reading my first post. 471 more words