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Early Mornings, Late Starts

Going to college is hard. Going to college while learning a unrelated skill-set is even harder. My major is in Nursing, something that I enjoy learning about and I find very interesting. 357 more words


The long road into a career


This is how many hours I have between the time of this post and my graduation from school. While it might seem rather odd to quantify distant dates in terms of hours, I find it rather useful to try and think on an “hourly” level. 185 more words


Endings & Beginnings

Today I finished the Python track on Treehouse. It took me a little under a month, with bouncing around with a few different courses before finally fully committing to the track. 228 more words


Day 20 – 30days Writing Challenge

A few days ago, I started studying Ruby on Rails, which is a platform that easily helps develop web applications. I am not ashamed that I only know C language, an old and basic computer programming language, and that I only have experience developing in a specific environment such as an embedded system. 165 more words

Doing English

Update: Blog and Course Mailing Lists

Because of recent changes on Udemy, I have decided to start my own mailing lists for both my training course and my blog. I had previously looked into doing this, but wasn’t sure it was worth the effort, especially since WordPress has its own email sign-up. 233 more words


Coyote, Hyena, Jackal

I’m taking + Acumen presents Elizabeth Gilbert’s Creativity workshop through Udemy. The course supports +Acumen. Acumen is a non-profit venture fund with a vision to help build a world beyond poverty through investing in companies that deliver critical goods and services in water, health, housing, energy, agriculture, and education; leaders who are paving the way for new approaches to fighting poverty; and the spread of ideas that will give the world the knowledge and the understanding to change how the world tackles poverty. 543 more words