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How in the world do I learn Data Science?

For those of you like me who do not have a STEM degree, the thought of learning Data Science can be quite intimidating..or is it just me?   436 more words


5 online resources to learn new skills at a low cost!

You’re now out of school, and you don’t plan on going back but still feel like you’re lacking important skills and knowledge to make yourself attractive enough in the eyes of potential employers? 954 more words


Thoughts on After College

Coming up now on two weeks post graduating. There is always this sensation of dust settling as one phase of a life morphs into something new. 1,574 more words

Using Overlays For Surreal Video Editing in Adobe Premiere

Surrealist video is a favorite thing to both watch and make.  I’m especially fond of the true surrealist artists of the 1920s-40s who were able to create dreamlike strange effects using simple in-camera techniques and inventive video and sound editing. 41 more words


Machine Learning

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While I have been studying Machine Learning for awhile, I never really proper did it. I have only read books and practice, however, the process is usually slower because I’m not sure about lots of stuffs and don’t have any one to ask about. 119 more words

Data Science

D44: Switching Gears

I’ve decided to switch back to my Udemy class , The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele, to better learn some of the back end concepts before I try to complete the freecodecamp projects. 20 more words


Online Course Based on Book

Nearly a year after I introduced my book on personal finances and investing, I launched an online video course based on the book. Some people prefer an audio-visual learning experience over reading a book, so I wanted to fill that niche. 143 more words