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Floating castle walk through.

Finally I have modified my level a little bit and decided to try some recording.

What I have learned that my computer struggles with recording greatly thus low quality of the video.



class MyParticleActor extends Actor placeable;

var ParticleSystemComponent ThePausePSC;

simulated event PostBeginPlay(){




simulated function ActivateMyPSC(){

if(ThePausePSC != none){


ThePausePSC.CustomTimeDilation = 0.25f;

ThePausePSC.ActivateSystem(); 71 more words



11、GameInfo  游戏规则;PlayerController 玩家的一些交互


–var+  int,float,int[],array<int>,vector(三维坐标)




–editable var  var(Physics) int MyEditableInt

9、console behindview 第三人称 fov 100 调整深度


7、修改浮点型材质参数值:光亮效果变化 11 more words


Outer Realms

Outer Realms is a virtual game card my teammates and I created for the final project of our degree.  It took months to get everything in working order, including a brand new direction to take the mechanics of the game.  55 more words


Levels in UDK

Here are some of the levels I have made and worked on.

Level 1: Small UDK Skirmish Map

Made with assets contained in the UDK editor, designed for 2-4 people, it is a small isolated part of a larger space complex. 180 more words


Unreal Engine 4 Test


Been super busy but also finding a bit of time to experiment with Unreal Engine 4. I must say although I used to always believe CryEngine had the upper hand in technological advancement, I find Unreal Engine 4 to be much more solid and user friendly, while being smart on where to take the right shortcuts (such as built lighting, which they’ve always done). 130 more words


What's the "best" game engine?

Ask anyone who has ever made a game this question, and you’ll be getting stern looks from that person for a long time. This is because you are most likely in the mentality of finding the “industry standard” or “the best” engine. 1,053 more words