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Full Sail Final Project

So, four long months have brought me here. The final project for Full Sail University is finally complete. And here it is for you to see! 76 more words

Full Sail University

UDK Render

I got round to adding it all into Unreal Developer Kit. Some of the textures added to the original mesh, haven’t been able to be brought out in UDK; The Opacity Map and the Bump Map. 18 more words


Wickland Steam Review

Wickland is a fast paced, old school, online multi player first person shooter with a medieval fantasy theme. Most medieval games have slow movement, melee combat and shields, but not in Wickland. 1,339 more words

Video Games

FPS game elements : Part 2

Hi guys! In my last post I talked about how to get a simple FPS (First person shooter) game running with weapons, enemies, and more.  In this post we’ll continue some of the action and make our game a bit more interesting. 970 more words


How to make a First Person Shooter game in 20 min

So you love playing Call of Duty, Far Cry or BioShock.  You love nothing more than shooting people left and right, and chanting war cries at the screen. 1,197 more words


GameJam - Cambridge

In the first week of July, there was a GameJam event at Cambridge which students at HSAD were invited to. I decided I would go a long to this event as it would be a good experience and a chance to meet other designers and potentially people in the industry. 360 more words


September Paragons Past showing

As an extension to our second year client project(Paragons Past), we had another client that was interested in our project, who wanted our work to be showcased at the local History center as part of a opening night, commemorating 100 years since the start of world war one. 556 more words