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Day Sixty-Five: Following Up (and Settling In)

Sometimes in life, and especially in my writing, I tend to be going in more than one direction at once, and especially with a project like this, where it’s difficult to see what I wrote yesterday or the day before that, and difficult to remember exactly when I said exactly what, there are bound to be some loose ends.   991 more words

Francois Payard Patisserie

I made a visit to the French pastry café Francois Payard Patisserie. Walking into this spacious, golden location on the Upper East Side almost made me want to turn around in the door. 193 more words

New York

Adding CA Signed certificate to WSO2 UES.

Many users prefer to install a CA signed certificate into the product, in-order to make products more secure.

You will get root certificate, intermediate certificates and the domain certificate from the CA as follows… 178 more words


Viva la Taco Tuesday at Maya

Maya happy hour could be the uptown (UES) love child of Hop Devil (RIP) and its neighbor Empellon Al Pastor.

What do I mean? Viva la Taco Tuesday… 166 more words


China: Through the Looking Glass

Durante el pasado fin de semana, en el que se celebró el día 4 de julio la independencia de los Estados Unidos, tuve la oportunidad de sentir Nueva York algo vacía. 294 more words

My Crank Story: Chase

This summer, we’re celebrating all the people who inspire us – our riders, instructors, staff, and community!  Keep an eye out here for some of our favorite stories and share your own with #MyCrankStory! 821 more words


Upper Green Side

Biking home from work along the First Avenue bike path I notice a woman sitting in the median, her feet resting on the curb. After seeing she is not hurt I continue to peddle for a few feet, when it suddenly clicks in what she is holding: a shovel and a plastic bag most likely full of whatever it is she is planting. 370 more words

Carbon Offsets