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Ebola Mom, Part 22

(Part of the Ebola Mom series)

Ummm. I never picked them up.

The nanny totally ate my cookies.


Ebola Mom, Part 20

(Part of the Ebola Mom series)

Only Ebola Mom could manage to turn birthday sentiments into an accusation.

Umm…I’m sorry?


Bocado Restaurant & Wine Bar

Thursday night, both my roommate and I worked super late, and decided to treat ourselves to a dinner out instead of heading home to cook. There’s a ton of restaurants in the Upper East Side that we’ve been meaning to try since we moved in 6 months ago, and we decided to check… 506 more words

New York City

Ebola Mom, Part 19

(Continuation of Ebola Mom Part 18, and part of the Ebola Mom series)

Three things, Nanc:

1. I’m going to go ahead and NOT accept your apology. 55 more words


Ebola Mom, Part 18

(part of the Ebola Mom series)

Of COURSE your husband smokes. How could he not?



Happy to have reached outside of my comfort zone to give my long mane the chop to a much shorter do. I love it! Can’t you tell?!! 26 more words

Ebola Mom, Part 17

(Part of the Ebola Mom series)

I’m less concerned about the fact that my cell number was passed along without my permission than I am about the fact that someone has chosen to be good friends with Ebola Mom. 18 more words