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Things you learn in a Blizzard

What can I say, 2017 is a year of firsts for Carbunkle Trumpet. No I am not talking about the new president, that was yesterday. What I am talking about is this jacked up weather. 375 more words

CBT Takes On NYC

Remember this day folks

Because this is the day that a certain Brooklyn born resident’s head comes completely off and explodes! Yep after Maria reads this I expect to hear of an explosion in the Flatlands of Brooklyn on E43rd street. 237 more words

Good Friends

The Daisy #fishandchips #cod #thedaisynyc #ues #nycfoodgals...

The Daisy #fishandchips #cod #thedaisynyc #ues #nycfoodgals Original on Instagram

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The Daisy #macandcheese #ues #thedaisy #cheese #nycfoodgals...

The Daisy #macandcheese #ues #thedaisy #cheese #nycfoodgals Original on Instagram

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The Mean Streets of New York

Where Christmas Trees go to die….

So you recall earlier this season when we got our first standard New York Christmas Tree? It was a good tree; it didn’t fall down, it held the 800 lights that Mrs. 532 more words

CBT You Are So Full Of Shit

NYC - 10/17/16 - Cafe Boulud

Cafe Boulud seems to have become the place for the most frequent family dinners on the UES.  It was one of the first places I dined when I moved to NYC longer ago than I care to admit, and is just as solid as it was back then. 22 more words

New York

Forever bringing joy

When Oxford University Press first asked Alex Rehding to write about one of the most iconic compositions in the history of music, the Harvard scholar wondered what he could possibly say that hadn’t been said before. 869 more words

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