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Afternoon Bulletin: You Can Now Avoid Pope Traffic by Helicopter

With the Pope’s arrival in New York causing a street shutdown of biblical proportions, the “Uber for helicopters” is helping the city’s elite get from one side of the city to the other hassle free. 431 more words

It just isn't that they talk funny up here - 45 days in review

45 days of living on the island of Manhattan and can you believe that I have found some differences between living here and in Memphis? Oh I heard that by the way, I heard you say “Well No shit Sherlock!” Anyway let’s get right down to it shall we; 574 more words

CBT You Are So Full Of Shit

"Foam Ringing!"

I am sure that a couple of you are laughing because you know what the title means. So living in New York has good and bad parts but hopefully you are a person who see’s that glass of wine as ‘half full’ rather than those who say ‘I need a refill.” Good news if you are one of those who need to speak loudly on your cellphone as you navigate the streets of Manhattan as cell coverage is top notch here! 518 more words

CBT You Are So Full Of Shit

They Do Watch Repair Where?

Back in my rock n roll days where everyday was a different town and a different airport, I was taught that one should never display expensive jewelry, cash, or anything of value to prevent petty crimes abroad. 825 more words

Faces of AWNY: Elizabeth Aris

Elizabeth Aris is an entrepreneur and CEO of MOSH, a platform that can be used by any organization wanting to truly engage their customer base or audience. 991 more words

Faces Of AWNY