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Ebola Mom, Part 14

(Part of the Ebola Mom series)

Tutoring Ebola Mom’s kid…

Kid: “We went to Vermont over break.”
Me: “Oh, how lovely!”
Kid: “Yeah. I’m sorry I didn’t bring you back anything.” 47 more words


Il Vino Wine Bar

Ok, by now you all know I quit my “No Dairy for a Month” Challenge. Go ahead. Be upset. Be disappointed. I completely understand. It’s just that…cheese is a huge part of my life. 426 more words


Dear Roger D aka that Bear

Some days are easier then others when it comes to thinking of him.The easier days would consist of pure anger towards him, how much I hate his drooping oversized eyes, his annoying stutter and his uncircumcised dick. 792 more words


Of Course I Found a Deli

It’s freaking freezing in New York City right now.

It’s like the kind of cold where if you’re outside for a touch too long, your ears/nose/extremities lose feeling to the point that they hurt. 282 more words


Ebola Mom, Part 11

(Part of the Ebola Mom series)

I did not misread her text.


Ues - Shoe horn

Ues Clothing Mfg. Co. is a Japanese brand that is mainly producing denim goods. But besides that they have flannel shirts, caps and some other accessories. 12 more words