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Yesterday, I was prepping the idea of producing an article comparing the dreaded UFC 177 card to it’s contemporaries from the past two yeas-UFCs 147, 149, 151, 161 and 174. 1,004 more words


Dan Henderson's Unfortunate Luck

On Saturday night, in front of a rabid Brazilian crowd, we may have seen the last performance of MMA great Dan Henderson inside an UFC cage. 830 more words


Jon Jones In The Spotlight


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The UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones born in Rochester, New York and currently residing in Ithaca, New York has been making headlines in the MMA world this month. 887 more words


Did Chael Sonnen actually try to dupe Jon Jones?

A few days ago, multi-division title contender Chael Sonnen shocked the entire MMA community when he admitted that he and Dan Henderson tried to “set-up” light heavyweight champion Jon Jones back at UFC 151. 229 more words

Mixed Martial Art

ALar's UFC 159 Preview

UFC 159: The Fight We All Haven’t Been Waiting For!

As a self-proclaimed MMA fanatic, I am somewhat ashamed to say that this event is taking place just down the street from me in Newark, New Jersey and I will not be in attendance. 1,033 more words


MMA FIX: Dana White Talks Relationship With Jon Jones and Jones' Mother

Following UFC President Dana White’s announcement of the cancellation of UFC 151, most of the blame fell back on light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Now, in an attempt to put the past behind them, White says his relationship with Jones and his mother is getting better. 140 more words


MMA FIX: Dana White Comments on Jon Jones' Performance at UFC 152

UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones continued his dominance of the divison with a win over Vitor Belfort at UFC 152, asserting him as one of the best in the sport today. 106 more words