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Nice Evening Shot of Orb Type UFO With Image Analysis Taken By Tony Topping

Evening shot of Orb type UFO passing slowly a few hundred feet over me and travelling at slow speed at one point the UFO reveals itself to have three domes under it and is like a triangle craft, image analysis lends a hand to this conclusion.

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UFO Recently Filmed By Tony Topping.

UFO filmed near my home in UK with image analysis the UFOs were circling the house for about 15 mins ans is part of an evolving situation. 7 more words

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What Is It With Aliens?

My youngest son went through a time where he was asking me about aliens. Not as in from other countries, but other planets. Now, he claims that he does not believe in them but the fact that he kept asking makes me suspicious that he just might believe. 609 more words


Ancient Vedic Aliens

This incredibly unique video looks at the UFO and Extraterrestrial phenomenon from the Vedic perspective. Sri Acharyaji offers his special insight into the nature of several races of aliens. 19 more words

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