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A dream one week before my close encounter with UFOs

In my dream, it was nighttime and I was sitting on a bench in a park. Behind me I sensed an unseen adult male that seemed to pose some kind of danger. 295 more words

UFO Hotspot in Canada Dates Back to 1790s

The UFO phenomena and the associated idea of a sightings hotspot are mostly considered to be a recent discovery.  The idea that clusters of sightings of strange and unidentified objects in the sky has developed alongside our growing interest in the subject.  900 more words


VIDEO: 2011 UFO Over Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock - Hoax or Legit?

Jaime Maussan investigates footage of an unidentified flying object spotted hovering over the Dome of the Rock on the Jerusalem Temple Mount back in 2011. He addresses the 2011 UFO Congress with his findings. 456 more words


WNCX Morning Show: UFO "Sighting" Video Goes Viral

Slats does his best X-Files impression and looks into the Philadelphia-based UFO video currently going viral. Buffalo, NY also seems to have had extraterrestrial visits. The truth is out there… or maybe just the people are. 14 more words


The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident - What Happened?

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

If you’re interested in UFOs, you probably know about the Rendlesham Forest incident, where multiple UFOs were claimed to be spotted near a military base in England. 3,210 more words

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