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Hawaii, Japan “False Alerts” of a North Korea Attack. We Are Brainwashed

How do Canadians look at the sequence of Nuclear Scare events in the Far East – culminating, for now, in Vancouver, Canada on Tuesday, January 16? 23 more words

Elections in Latin America in 2018 – A Preview of Four Cases

In 2018 twelve Latin American countries from Mexico to Peru will hold elections at different levels, presidential, legislative and municipal. [1] Of the twelve elections, seven are for their respective presidents in Costa Rica, Cuba, Paraguay, Colombia, México, Brazil and… 10 more words

Alberta’s XL Bailout a Desperate Attempt to Save TransCanada’s Doomed Keystone XL

Today TransCanada released a statement claiming it had garnered enough shipping commitments for the Keystone XL pipeline to make it financially viable. To get that support TransCanada requires a bailout pledge from Canada’s Alberta government to ship 50,000 barrels of… 9 more words

Corporate Monopolies Will Accelerate the Globalisation of Bad Food, Poor Health and Environmental Catastrophe

If the proposed Monsanto-Bayer merger goes through, the new company would control more than 25 per cent of the global supply of commercial seeds and pesticides. 22 more words

Peace Should be Integral to the Women’s March

There is one thing missing from the upcoming Women’s March publicity and philosophy: the urgent need for Peace not War!

The March will speak out against hate, discrimination and exploitation. 20 more words

Why Bitcoin’s Fallen by Half

I recently was asked for my view of why Bitcoin prices have collapsed nearly by half this past week. From a high of near $20,000, it fell below $10,000. 21 more words

US Cuts Half Its Aid for Palestinian Refugees



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Economic conditions in Occupied Palestine already “scream.” The Trump administration, in cahoots with Israel, just made things tougher… 15 more words