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WABAC to the Battle For Los Angeles

“Let’s go back to 1942 Los Angeles and fight aliens, not Nazi’s.”

The U.S. vs. UFOs,

the Battle of Los Angeles

On February 24, 1942…

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UFO Crash and Cover-up in Canadian Reservation?

The Canadian government claims it is all a training exercise. but this is how conspiracy theories are born. Apparently there is ample video evidence. We will have to wait and see. 55 more words


UFO & Alien Management: Book Review & Author Interview

UFO & Alien Management

Dinah Roseberry

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I’m not big into aliens and UFOs, but I will tell you I saw a UFO once, maybe twice, but definitely once & one of my best friends was with me so I have a witness. 1,607 more words

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High and Mighty Aliens

When we think of aliens we think of diminutive guys—little green (or grey) men. But there are equally as many sightings of tall aliens. Tall as in… 646 more words


Birmingham, Alabama, USA; Reported: January 26, 2015

Name: Linda Sedlak

Location of Sighting: Birmingham, Alabama, sunny clear day, possibly in the afternoon, I cannot remember the time.

Kentucky: 2 UFOs of different types spotted at different times. 172 more words

UFO Sightings

Latest UFO sightings, January 27, 2015

The latest sightings reported to MUFON, the Mutal Unidentified Flying Object Network, occurred last night from the states of Maryland and New Jersey. A witness from Chester, Maryland reported the following testimony, with phone camera snap shots that can be viewed on the MUFON sight: 542 more words