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Given the number of humans that we kill around the globe each day in wars and conflicts, animal mutilations are of lesser importance, or so it would seem to… 691 more words



UFO – ILLUMINATI – NWO – SECRET UFO – UFO PREJECT DOCUMENTARY SATAN – NEW WORLD ORDER Rockefeller – RothChild Daily Voice News – Documentary… 25 more words

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Are YOU a Super Soldier?

Are you a GMO Super Soldier?

Dear Truther,

I, and many other Truthers, have risked EVERYTHING to bring to you this Top Secret information right now. 393 more words


Did The CIA Just Prove Existence Of Aliens? -- Part of Partial Disclosure? ~ Jan. 21, 2017

This article is found on Stillness In the Storm, and please…


(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The Central Intelligence Agency recently released millions of documents, a seemingly strange move given its adherence to total secrecy in the past. 2,508 more words

Aliens Give Escort To US President Donald Trumps Plane In Washington DC, Jan 19, 2017, Video

Date of sighting: January 19, 2017Location of sighting: Washington DC, USAAnother UFO was seen near trump, but this time it was seen nearly colliding with the jet itself.

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Masuda-no-Iwafune: The Ancient Rock Ship of Asuka, Japan

When you think of mysterious places, what does your mind conjure?  Do you think of back-woods and swamps, thick tropical jungles, barren deserts, high mountain passes, or something far more alien? 909 more words

History And Archaeology

January 2017

This is an assortment of photos taken in January of 2017.These appear to suggest inter-dimensional physics being involved here.