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May 3rd Paranormal Day

The term Paranormal (Meaning: Para- above or beyond and Normal – Ah, well, normal) has only been around since 1920.  Paranormal is the phenomena in pop culture, folklore and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose existence within these contexts to lie beyond normal experience or scientific explanation.  546 more words

Unboxing The Bizarre

Happy Paranormal Day

Today is Paranormal Day, a day to celebrate all things that go “thump” in the night. From ghost stories told around the camp fire to first-hand accounts of people seeing spirits, the paranormal is part of most cultures around the world. 212 more words


This futuristic chair rocks, spins, and flips

(Source: www.techinsider.io)

Normally, rocking chairs just go back and forth, but that feels so limited. This U.F.O. — Unidentified Furniture Object — is a new type of rocking chair that rocks, swivels, and pivots.  62 more words


Nailed it!

Yep, I totally nailed it this week.  Okay, mostly nailed it. I just have one teeny thing I need to fix.  Just one.

Oh!  And I have pictures!   724 more words


Roast Beef and Armageddon 

News travelled fast about the spaceship. We weren’t used to things like this happening in Neverington. It was a Sunday afternoon in the middle of June, so at least E.T. 500 more words