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Evolution is "God's plan" - We will conquer alien worlds!

Survival of the strongest is nature’s way

Advanced alien species peacefully explore our Milky Way Galaxy and do not interfere with the evolutionary path of advancing lifeforms. 440 more words

Alien Conspiracy

Jet Ascend Amidst UFOs

Swiss Air jet ascend amidst UFOs over Lac Saint Louis off Pte Claire in Montreal’s West Island shows space aliens may routinely visit Earth to assess our technological progress. 108 more words


I Can't Believe It's Not Star Wars: The Descendants of Transplanted Earthlings

This year marks the 40th anniversary of both the original Star Wars film and Steven Spielberg’s mind-bending UFO tale Close Encounters of the Third Kind… 262 more words


JW Bowe Author Interview

Want to know something of the mind inside the man who would set his debut novel in North Wales? If you can pronounce Cerrigydrudion on your first attempt then feel free to proceed… 175 more words

JW Bowe

Portrait Of A Woman Painting

cf. Marie Denise Villers, “Marie Joséphine Charlotte du Val d’Ognes” (1801) and
video by Electric_Cat via Pixabay

“E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)” – Blue Oyster Cult


The Cold War and Roswell

The American military witnessed incredible alien technology.

But they thought it was advanced Soviet technology sourced from captured Nazi scientists.

How did the American military make such a mistake? 1,093 more words

Alien Conspiracy