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Supporting Judas Priest on their current tour is Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock, basically it’s Michael Schenker with a band going through a few of his better known tracks from his back catalogue. 144 more words

Heavy Metal

Artificially made Mars Dome Hemi-Sphere photographed by Opportunity Mars Rover on Martian Hill

Two panoramic images taken by Mars Rover Opportunity on July 10, 2015 show what appears to be a dome.

The isolated spherical structure sits on top of a hill and it looks quite different than the surrounding rocks and soil. 124 more words


Alien superstructure? Probably not scientists say

That ‘alien megastructure’ orbiting a distant star is probably just a bunch of comets https://t.co/asQIlEl14X #ET #aliens #space

— Earthpages.org (@earthpages) November 26, 2015


Are Aliens Hiding Under The Sea?

The discovery of a mysterious underwater structure in Malibu in 2014, and the strong radio signal it has been omitting, has led some theorists to ask the question whether alien life forms could already be living on earth. 520 more words


NASA 'Cut Space Station Live Feed' After 'Bizarre Donut UFO Stalked ISS'

Source: Daily Express | By JON AUSTIN

video posted to YouTube shows the circular object, which appears to have a hole in the middle, appear on the camera in the distance and then apparently travel at a similar speed and orbit to the ISS. 294 more words