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Flowering Tulip Quilt

I have an older friend that recently handed me over an unfinished quilt. Her daughter had made a good start but it went into storage for fifteen years waiting for someone to complete it. 64 more words

Are Aliens Angels Or Demons?

I am a Jamaican, and I have a Jamaican passport so for me to visit the USA and certain other countries I need a visa. 958 more words


UFOs hidden in clouds - Flying Saucer emerging from cloud formation …👽👽👽…

Many people throughout the world have captured images of strange looking UFO-shaped clouds.

The impressive thing is that, while in most cases the weird phenomenon can be explained as ordinary clouds, there are special clouds that seemed to be made artificially. 79 more words


August 20, 1976: Drop Your Pants and Say Ah

The Allagash incident was the Big Daddy of alien abductions, celebrated not only by UFO groupies but on television’s Unsolved Mysteries (and we all know As Seen on TV is the ultimate bona fides). 507 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Spelunky creator finally returns with a new game—er, 50 of them

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Derek Yu, the creator of the video game Spelunky, has lain incredibly low since his title transformed the “randomly generated” gaming genre in 2008 (and again with an “HD” version in 2012). 342 more words


32,000 Year Old Alien City Discovered in India

proof that aliens had built a full civilised city on Earth before humans, and that Krishna was also an alien. Thank you all for such an unreal amount of views, and 500 likes! 20 more words

Alien Videos