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[REQUEST] 凋叶棕 (Diao ye Zong) - 心強きもの

This song was requested by B-016.
Wow, the lyrics for this song were LONG.
The fact I like about Diao Ye Zong‘s songs is that you can always recognize them just by listening to them. 1,229 more words


The Philadelphia Experiment: Part I: The Story

A landmark happened last week. It was the third anniversary of Dave’s Corner of the Universe. Many of you may know that I have been busy recently with work and kidding season. 849 more words

Bizarre 'UFO craft' captured on film 'floating with the clouds' close to a US military base in Ohio


  • The craft was seen floating in the sky close to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
  • The base has been the subject of multiple sightings since the end of WWII 
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Project like in “UFO’ like in “unfinished object.”  Too little time, too much wanting to to do!


UFO懸浮半空 有尖角形狀怪異



片段傳給熱衷於尋找外星人的YouTube頻道「Secure Team 10」,頻道主持人格洛克納(Tyler Glockner)指片段「令人興奮」。萊特-派特森空軍基地不時出現奇怪現象,在1947至1969年間,有逾1.2萬次被指出現「奇異現象」。





Annunaki UFO

Looking this ship in the videos, and it was reported to be above a military base, and seen somewhere else. The first image looks like a hoax, I don’t recognize it because of the publicity. 178 more words


Astronaut on Mars

Around 2004 I remote viewed Mars. I saw two people on Mars, a man and a woman, and they had space suits that were not of any Earth space group. 358 more words