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Donald Trump has a hotline where you can report illegal aliens. Here’s a big news report on the new phone system: dumb alien phone line… 335 more words

Book Review: Sinister Forces By Peter Levenda

Politics and religion both are born of documents and of blood. And both documents and blood form the primary sources of the following investigation.
—Peter Levenda, “Sinister Forces Book One: The Nine”

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Kyle Vs. The Amphibian Aliens From Mars

My life was ruined. Ruined by an intelligent species of amphibian-humanoids from Mars. I wish I was joking. Keep reading.
—Kyle Odom, “Manifesto”

In early 2014, University of Idaho student and ex-Marine Kyle Odom discovered the technique of meditation as a way to deal with the stress over his heavy coursework.

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Philip K. Dick

The Man Who Is Becoming An Elf (A Modern Archetype?)

In a world where people spend thousands of dollars to become a “real” Superman, a “Human Ken Doll,” and even a literal Cat-Woman, the story of Argentinian Luis Padron should not seem that unusual anymore. 395 more words


Folks In Austin Talk About UFOs In The 1990s

Just a chill video from 1992 of on-the-street interviews in Austin regarding life on alien worlds. Remember when things were chill like that?


Some Thoughts On J. Allen Hynek

Richard Dolan
April 21, 2002

Astronomer J. Allen Hynek is universally regarded as the most important scientist in the history of Ufology. He has even been called the “Galileo” of UFO research. 2,071 more words