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A video run-at-the-mouth on the one thing debunkers and believers have in common: contrary to what they say, neither have a hold on reality. With evidence.

Jeremy Vaeni

Hypnosis Used Illegally. This Looks Familiar.


Watching the news package in the above link about a divorce attorney who used hypnosis to sexually abuse female clients got me back to thinking about ufology’s own David Jacobs. 643 more words

Jeremy Vaeni

Sargeant Daniel Macbolen III: whistleblower/victim of MK Ultra and ET Phenomenon

Sargeant Daniel Macbolen III, the latest whistleblower/victim of MK Ultra and ET Phenomenon to come forward.

Interviewed by The Leak Project.

Daniel: “I was born on a military base as a product. 3,325 more words


January UFO Report

Here’s part of the January UFO report from Outermost Volume 2, Issue 3. You can find the report in its entirety and articles on creation myths from around the world in this first issue of Outermost for 2017. 440 more words


Pine Gap Secrets Uncovered

Pine Gap is a top secret military facility that plays a key role in US intelligence and military operations around the world. But the most surprising fact is that Pine Gap has an area around the base that is a natural dimensional doorway or Stargate. 2,956 more words

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Fake News In Perspective

Fake News In Perspective

By Guest Blogger,
Tyler Kokjohn, Ph.D.

What is fake news?  A simple question that is not so easy to answer.  The extreme forms featuring outright fabrications can be identified quickly, but some stories are far more difficult to categorize.  415 more words

Jeremy Vaeni