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Craziest Things That Have Happened to You | r/AskReddit

Hi all,

At one point in my life, I had a top post on Reddit. Definitely was when I peaked. LMK if you need proof or whatever. 834 more words


March UFO Challenge Quilt

Before Christmas, I finished a secret quilt that was set to appear as a color option in the June issue of American Patchwork & Quilting. The June issue is the color issue and is packed full of quilts that play with color AND two color options for each quilt. 347 more words


Project Grudge: The Tip of the Iceberg

After returning from WWII an Air Force hero, Lt. Col. Brown worked in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. He was assigned to work on Project Grudge where he was responsible for investigating UFO’s and came to recognize that on some cases there were no viable conventional explanations. 38 more words


The Occult Extraterrestrial War - America's Secret Space Fleet

America”s Secret Space Fleet – is it protection against alien invasion or a creation itself of malevolent aliens? Since 2015 NAVY engineer William Tompkins has made astounding claims that he personally participated in designing kilometers-long battle cruisers for the clandestine “Military Industrial Complex.” But even more astounding is his revelation that our planet has been a battleground for warring extraterrestrial cultures for thousands of years. 32 more words

Alternative Theories

UFOs: A Game of Perception

This video puts forth the theory that UFO technology could solely be the work of German scientists and that the technology was then brought over to the U.S.. 314 more words

Alternative Theories

The alien space-octopus will eat your ass: "Life"

Life arrives just in time to offer itself up as a corrective to the critically-adored The Arrival—a movie everyone went gaga over, despite its ludicrous premise. 649 more words

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