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Something Wicked

Something Wicked:
A Collection of Haunting Tales
by Kellie Honaker and Paul Dellinger

ISBN-13: 978-1945524127
Pages: 258
Pub Date: September 2017
Publisher: Magic Quill Press… 156 more words

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Quilt & Sew-In Fall II

For one hour, there was silence in the retreat room on Wednesday and then…the magic began again. Attendees of Fall II arrived! Once again there was so much creativity, productivity, conversation and laughter. 189 more words


ALIEN 1: We’re from Outer Space. We’re here to help. by Doug "Uncola" Lynn

And now for something completely different. From Doug “Uncola” Lynn at theburningplatform.com:

By Doug “Uncola” Lynn via TheBurningPlatform.com

If I were to provide you with a factual summary involving outer space aliens, WikiLeaks, an Apollo 14 astronaut who was the sixth man to walk on the Moon, a guitarist from a Grammy-nominated rock group, a former Democratic campaign chief and presidential chief of staff, several U.S. 309 more words


Why, Really, the Nazis Won the War

By Makia Freeman | The Freedom Articles

The Nazis won the War in many senses, ways and aspects – but it’s all outside the purview of mainstream historical thinking. 3,205 more words


How cats and dogs teach us about aliens

There’s an old story about the difference between cats and dogs.

Feed a dog, and it thinks ‘wow, I’ve been fed. Humans must be gods’. Feed a cat and it thinks ‘Yawn. 462 more words


Chinese Villagers Left Baffled By Mysterious Disk-Shaped Cloud Hovering In The Sky

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance”

When you see phenomena like this example, makes you question the narrative, Humanity is truly alone in the universe?

90 more words
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This Really Happened - They Landed, And I Was Abducted!

By Bill Oakey – November 16, 2017

They didn’t use voices when they spoke. But somehow their thoughts were transferred to my mind. The last thing I remember “hearing” or “sensing” was this simple message – “Do not try to tell your fellow Kraken. 1,067 more words

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