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U. F. RAW - the tale of how the little guy beat the monster

This will be an unusually short post for me – was whatI thought when I started writing. It turned outdifferently. But I would really like to make a quick point. 1,075 more words


AB Friday Forum - Week 45

For four years I ran a food blog*.  Often times I was tweaking someone else’s recipe to fit my dietary lifestyle, but even my own recipes were seldom followed to the letter by me, and I would often post retweaked recipes.  887 more words


AB Friday Forum - Week 42 -- Split-Toning (A GIMP Tutorial)...

This image was taken back in February when I was in LA walking my dog along The Strand.  Luckily, I had a foldable diffuser in my bag to block out some of the harsh light. 1,187 more words


One Four Challenge - March Week 2...

When I was trying to figure out which image to work on this month I started to flip through a book called The Artist’s Guide to GIMP – Creative Techniques for Photographers, Artists, and Designers… 684 more words


Workflow Series - (UFRaw and GIMP Tutorial) Part 2.5 - A Few More UFRaw Adjustments

I wanted to interject a few more UFRaw* adjustments into my Workflow Series.  I’ve discovered three more things I wanted to share with you before we move on to GIMP. 460 more words


One Four Challenge - March Week 1...

A new month a new image.  I spent entirely too much time on this image!  Ugh.  I wanted to make an image of my logo wrap around the cup, but after hours of work and trying every warp and distort tool I could find in GIMP, I finally found out online that a new tool will be out in the next version.  131 more words


AB Friday Forum - Week 38...

I was in LA this week and I had the opportunity to go to Manhattan Beach.  Along Manhattan Beach is a walkway where you can bring your dog, it’s called The Strand.  475 more words